Review of Twim's first version of Battle 2 - BOTJ edition:

So, tell me, does this map look familiar? Yes, well, it should. B...


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Review of Twim's first version of Battle 2 - BOTJ edition:

So, tell me, does this map look familiar? Yes, well, it should. But before you start freaking out and commenting and emailing me to tell me to remove the file because someone stole Sevker's work - DarthTwim totally has Sevker's permission. Yes, this is the third version of the Battle maps. What's been added? As far as I can tell, it's mostly just a few little technical changes (the doors no longer have little buttons to press to open), bot support has been added, there are a few new textures and new music is included. There's one little addition that I really love about this map. In the last room where there's that wooden floor thingy, you press a button and the floor opens up to reveal the room below. You can still get into the room through teleports though. There's a council room added, but I'm sorry ... I have no clue how to get there. I soooo cheated and just noclipped in. Anyway, good work, DarthTwim.

Not much has been changed here. In fact, according to the author, it's just a few pictures that were changed. So this is just a tiny update, but if you had this map before, and you play with BOTJ on any of their servers, you might want to grab this update. :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA


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Title                   : BOTJ
File Name               : BOTJ
Author                  : [BOTJ]sas & [BOTJ]DarthTwim
Date of Release         : December 5, 2004

Email Address           :
AIM                     : DarthTwim
Misc. Author Info       : Enjoy :)


	This Map was started about 2 years ago, and now finished by BotF's original mapper Sas and of course DarthTwim. This is a map created a long time ago from its older versions made about 2 years ago(By Sevker), Battle, and Battle 2, this is basically battle 2 version 2.2 but we have called it BOTJ, There is basicly three main rooms in this version, plus   the hidden council room and a few other secrets:). The first room is a big pad like room for big duels, and the middle room is a nice room for FFA/TFFA or FF because i find that my usual low fps are supprisingly nice and steady even though its a big room. The last room is the big room with the statues which we use for mini tourneys, clan tests or your clan meetings that everyone is welcome to Attend. There is also a dungeon with that is now escapable, the fun part is finding out how. When you see this map, you may think that it is a rip off of JediCouncil GC from having the original 3 rooms like GC use to and a council room up top and such things. Well, This map and its previous versions were made first so its not. Have fun with this map and see if you can find my secret council room.


Extract to C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK IIJedi Outcast\GameData\base


	There are no known bugs unless you include one part of the cage   moving through the walls which is more of a glitch, There May Be A Few Leaks.

Additional Credits to   : {BotF}Sevker

Beta Testers            : [BOTJ]Sas, [BOTJ]DarthTwim


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