Brotherhood of Steel Enviromental Aromour

CyberX brings us an update to his Brotherhood of Steel Enviromental Aromour. Team support was added and that’s about it. Team versions have...


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CyberX brings us an update to his Brotherhood of Steel Enviromental Aromour. Team support was added and that’s about it. Team versions have red and blue lines on the face and torso with spots on the pants.

I think if the author was going to release an update he should’ve at least added some custom sounds. If the author learned to blend the textures together a little better it would look a lot nicer and real smooth instead of blocks of textures. Not a bad job just leaves a lot to be desired.

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No


Below is Amos’s original review:

Considering what CyberX had to work with when using the Imperial Worker model, I think he did a fine job at recreating the Environmental Armor from Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. As you can see in the screenshots, he really focused on the details of this skin. And there's a picture of the creator's inspiration.

Unfortunately, this is a very incomplete skin. No team support, bot support or new sounds. It's very hard for me to give a good review of a skin if there aren't these elements. Sounds and taunts are probably one of the easiest ways to give your skin more character and it could really give this skin the personality it looks like it should have. Other than those obvious complaints from me, I think this is a pretty good skin.

Bot Support: No Team Colors: No New Sounds: No


Ps. There is one of those SP replacement pk3's in there as well. If you use it, your Kyle will be replaced in SP & MP.

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== File Info ====================================================================

Title                   : Brotherhood of Steel Enviromental Aromour
Filename                : bos3_final.pk3
Author                  : CyberX
E-Mail Address          : [email protected]
Website                 : My JK2 skin page ()incomplete - 

Description		: This is one of my projects - Fallout in Jedi Knight 2. I want to make all sort of skins, cuz i'm 			  	  not a good modeler :P. I used some textures i didn't make and i think it came out well....

This is a reskin of Jedi Knight's basic models (Imp. Worker)

Programs used           : Adobe Photoshop 5, Paint, Notepad

Thanks to               : LucasArts and Raven for this excellent game!!!!!!!!!!

* Installation *

Unzip the file "bos3_final" into the GameData\Base\ directory of wherever you installed Jedi Outcast. Then go into the game and select the skin from the Player Setup Menu.


!!! Important !!!

!!If you had the Brotherhood of Steel Enviromental Aromour skinpack in the previous version delete it!!


* Notes *

The Zip file has the "bos3_sp.pk3" file wich changes jan to my bos3 model..


* Changes in 1.2 *

- added team colours


* Coming next *

- Fallouts Power Armour

If you have ANY Fallouts skin request send it to me (it would be good if you attach a screen of 
it, or some artwork) by e-mail to [email protected]


Feel free to distribute this skin in any format but you MUST include this file. If you wish to include it in a skinpack or a level, that's fine, but please drop me a note & let me know what the skinpack is and where it's being hosted.


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