Bryar Electro-Pistol



This mod changes the startup effect of the Bryar Pistol.. instead of the yellowish fuzz it's like a whole lotta electricity building up. The only thing that couldn't be changed were the bullets though so those will still seem yellow. Either way, cool effect :D



Bryar Electro-Pistol
This is an upgrade/mod for the Bryar Blaster Pistol I called it the Electro-Pistol because of the Electrical particles generating when charged & also it’s colour design has been edited 2 suit this weapon mod. Unfortunately I haven’t been able 2 change the bullet colour.
Installation: Simply extract the PK3 file 2 your Base folder & get ready 4 some kick A$$ fun.
NOTE: This weapon Mod will be possibly used in an mod in it’s early stages I’ am involved with & if someone can help me change the Bullet colour as well as change the effect so when someone is hit with the charged bullet they have the same effect as the ‘Force Lightning’ on them I will give them minor credit in the Mod’s credits.

E-Mail: [email protected]

This mod is in no way associated nor supported by Lucas Arts , Activsion or Raven.   

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