I'm not really sure what to make of this map. The author claims it's a duel map set in a desert. It must be in the Land of the Pipe-like Giant Cacti. I mean the idea of a desert is that it's dry, but cacti store water... so it must be a very wet desert. In any case the cacti don't really look that much like cacti anyway. They're way too angular, and frankly remind me more of the pipes in Mario than anything organic. Besides... where are the needles!?

The map itself is small and cluttered, with Empire State Building sized cacti taking up the majority of the room. The lighting is not nearly as bright as you might expect in a desert, nor is the map flat like you might expect... and there are some odd-looking lamps that don't honestly look like they're giving off much light. But hey, it's the middle of the day. They must be conserving energy.

For a believable desert, this map fails a bit. For a decent duel map... it's cramped, and not in a particularly good way. As a novelty it's alright, though I do think it could have been executed better and in such a way that it worked out better as a map. It does have botrouting (although it seemed a little limited, from what I saw) and some nice hispanic music (black shirt, anyone?) that doesn't really fit that well. Give it a try if you're looking for something unique.

Bot Routing[b]: Yes [b]New Models: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes




Readme File:

Title : Cactus
Author : Acrobat
email : [email protected] and [email protected]
AIM= acrobatc101

File Version: 1.0
Size: 10 megs
File Name : cactus.pk3 
Completion date: 04/04/2007
Build Time: 1 week, 40-60 hours
Brush Count: 2116
Entity count: 124


This map is a small duel map in the desert. This map started out as a test map for a projected decal entity. I ended up building a small duel map since I liked the effect. I also put in a sky portal again like my quest map. 

beta testers
Thanks beta testers Shroomduck, KaiStation, and Trey.

Nearly all textures were from jka except rockdetail.jpeg that immenor gave me from his KashT-228. I made sci_fi_metal_base and cactus from stratch in photoshop 7

Thanks to Norman for helping me get my _decal entity to work and other technical advise. Also thanks to everyone on map-craft especially Shadriss for technical questions.


Juanes - La_camisa_negra

Mapping problems:
1) Normally I do a final compile with the –v –patchshadows –shade -samplesize 1 
–samples 3 -thresh 0.1, but for some reason when I use a _decal entity, these settings mess my gtkradiant up. Aftrer the compile it normally duplicated my scripts folder and put it somewhere random in my base. The result was I lost my _decal and _skybox entities even though they were still listed in my mp_entities folder. I then found and deleted the ghost scripts folder and also deleted my actual mp_entities. I would then put a saved copy of my mp_entities in my scripts folder and replace the one there so as to hopefully revert my gtkradiant back to what it was before I tried the compile. However even after I did this my _decal and _skybox entities would no longer work, and I had to completely reinstall gtkradiant with all its updates. I tried several times, but it did the same thing eveyrtime, and each time it seemed to put the ghost scripts folder somewhere else.  In the end I deleted -thresh 0.1 and –patchshadows, and I used “-light -shade -samples 3 -samplesize 1” in my light phase. This ended up working so I think either –thresh or –patchshadows caused some sort of problem in my map with the _decal entity, and I don’t know why. I also did not use –filter in my final compile, which some people include. There are some red lines in _skyportal so I wonder if taking this out caused the lines to be more visible.
2) When I bump mapped the cacti, the lightmap generated from my fake normal map shader never matches up perfectly with the texture on the cacti. Szico told me bump mapping works best on curved surfaces, which seems to be true to me. I tried texturing the cacti without even using shift+s to resize the texture. I also tried “fit” and tried “natural,” and none of the three options worked. Shroom said I should have used patch meshes to reduce the number of vertices, and maybe the lightmap would have lined up better on patches. In the end I didn’t redo it because I thought it looked good enough. I did put the cacti cylanders into a function group and reduced the _lightmapscale 0.01, which seemed to make the fake normal mapping look a tad better. 

Map Information:

Bot Support yes
New Textures yes
New Music yes
New sounds yes

Game types are ffa, duel

* How to install * 

Just put the cactus.pk3 in GameData\base in your game directory


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