Cannon Bot Mod

Initial Analysis: An sp mod that gives kyle some serious firepower.

File Description:

eK.FrogMan treats us to a weapon add on SP mod...


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File Description

Initial Analysis: An sp mod that gives kyle some serious firepower.

File Description:

eK.FrogMan treats us to a weapon add on SP mod called “Cannon Bot Mod.” If you ever found yourself cussing at the ATST’s in sp like I did, here’s your chance for revenge! Muahahahha! Cannon Bot Mod adds the ATST side mounted turrent model to the selectable weapons Kyle has to chose from. However, I was unable to switch to this gun when holding my saber. I was required to switch to a gun first then hit my bind for the turrent. Also, I lost the weapon if I scrolled away from it by accident. Not a huge deal just some minor bugs. The only other thing I though was odd was that the gun is not viewable. So Kyle looks like he’s holding nothing in his hands. Regardless, if you like blasting the crap out of things with endless ammo, then here ya go! Even though you can’t see the model, I think the point get across here.

Download Factor:

I tried this mod out, shot about 100 rockets off, and left. I suppose that IF you’re into heavy firepower with endless ammo then this mod is for you. If not, you can live without this one.


New Weapon for SP

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//Cannon Bot Mod

developer eK.FrogMan

This mod will turn kyle in sp into a mark2 robot. I turned the guns invisable because It looked pretty wierd to have some gun floating around above kyle/mark2. I also included a option to use a gun with an regular attack that uses the bullets the the turrent guns shoot and an alt. attack that shoots rockets. The only problem with the extra gun it that It can't be used when you have a lightsaber. If you use the give all command or get it the regular way than you can't use it. Also you can't swing your lightsaber(its invisable anyway). Also its hard to find all the new guns because their invisable(This mod is more af a "mess-a-round mod" so you'll pobably end up using cheats to get guns and ammo.

//To install this mod extract all the files to your desktop, Then put the cannonbot FOLDER into your gamedata folder, the put the autoexec FILE into your base, than just start up your game, load the mod and enjoy!

//To use the extra gun open the autoexec and change the YOUR CHOICE HERE to whatever button you want. Pressing the button will give t=you the weapon and give you 999 shots with it. Press it again to restore your ammo. 

//I don't care if anyone messes with this mod and makes it better So do whatever you whant with it.

//mark2 model done by lucas arts game co.

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