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Well folks, this is my first review for, and as happy as I am to be here, I feel a little sorry to have to start things off a t...


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Well folks, this is my first review for, and as happy as I am to be here, I feel a little sorry to have to start things off a tad on the negative side. Nevertheless, a job's a job, so here we go.

Canyon Battlement is this mapper's first shot at the engine, and subsequently, it's pretty simple. The basic layout is a throwback to the original Jedi Knight's Canyon Oasis, although the similarities between the two stop at that most general of comparisons. You won't find any water in the map, and in place of the oasis is a large piece of completely flat ground potmarked with apparently random walls and shrubs thrown in to break things up. Where the concussion rifle used to sit is now a wall that, aside from a large shadered sign reading "SOLO," is empty, though beneath it is an outcropping where the rocket launcher finds its home. You'll find the familiar U-shaped skywalk jutting through the sky, its tiny tunnel through bare rock, and that tunnel's destination at an upwards ramp. Even the prox-mines are in their right places.

But the sad fact is, aside from these most basic of similarities, the map is a generic starter-upper. Brushes are misaligned in many places, the map cieling is low enough to cause noggin-whapping with a solid jump from the upper level, and none of the platforms seem to have any meaning other than the fact that they vaguely resemble Oasis's layout. There are two areas in the map that are completely unrelated to the original, and include a boxy duel arena and a tiny cavern lit by torchlight, and whether you're playing either with or without weapons, one of these two areas will always remain unused.

The open feel of the map lends itself to sniping, and Ash helped things out by providing a nifty sniper's nest that overlooks the valley. Again, it will be used sometimes, but not others, which is a slight shame, but nothing worth screaming to Mommy about.

The underlining fact of the map is that it's mearly mediocre. Whether you're looking for a throwback to Canyon Oasis or an exciting gameplay experience, there are better maps out there to suit your needs.

Bot Support: NO New Textures: YES New Music: YES Game Types: FFA

- Dan "ViperEye" Tennant

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Download '' (3.58MB)

installation intructions: simply extract the pk3 file to your gamedata/base directory

file info: this level is a small ffa map thats great for guns

developers name: _Ashley_Solo_

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