Canyon Oasis 2.0

Apparently the Canyon Oasis map from JK1 was a popular map. The author of Canyon Oasis 2.0 recreated this map and tried to get it as close t...


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Apparently the Canyon Oasis map from JK1 was a popular map. The author of Canyon Oasis 2.0 recreated this map and tried to get it as close to JK1's version as he could, using JK2 textures. Like the original there's a large pool of water surrounded by ledges, some cut out of the rock, some supported by large pillars. Along one side is a ramp that seems harmless at first, but if someone presses the button in the nearby alcove at just the right momemnt, you could get a bit of a shock. The weapon placement seems appropriate, seeing as how there are cutouts in the rock that seem specific for the guns and ammo. Unfortunately, there is no underwater escape hole thingy that one would expect to see in this map.

Granted, this is a fun map to play an FFA on, but only with a small group of people. I especially enjoy playing a guns FFA on this map - it uses mostly the bigger guns - perfect for obliterating your opponent quickly on a small map like this. :D The textures are bland and become redundant. The button for the lightning trap disappears and there's a bit of z-fighting. Not to mention some overlapping brushes. I have to be honest, the only thing this map really has going for it is that it includes bot support. The reason I say that is because there's a beautiful version of Canyon Oasis already available on this site, created by Dad*Mad, the only thing lacking in that map is bot support. So, I suppose what it comes down to is personal preference and whether you play online or not. If you don't and need bot support and have been wanting to play this map on JK2, well, want no more - download. :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: Duel, FFA, TFFA


Note: This is placed in the Duel map category because the author seemed to indicate by the zip file name that this is intended as a duel map, though I say it works best as an FFA map.

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Map Name                : Canyon Oasis 2.0
Author                  : Joseph Del Rio
Email Address           :
Custom textures         : no
Custom sounds (from jk1) : yes

Bot Support: Yes
Types: Duel,ffa,tffa


there is one bug  in this map(that ive seen). on the corner ramp u can slide right up it on the ceiling of it if u hold jump. (simialr to the bug in the duel_pit defualt jk2 map). also the switch tends to disapear a minor error.

BOT Smartness:

The bot routing in this map is very well done. each bot can pick up most of the weapons and get out of the pool if u fall in (most of the time).Beware when u fight and not get sneak attacks. also they can shut/turn on the lightning trap (rarly but can).

 Description :

This is a remake of the canyon oasis map from Jedi knight 1. i tried to make it match the map from jk1 to 2 perfeclty even though i used jk2 textures that were simiarl to jk1. however i removed one thing from the map, the lower water level in the pool has not been put there- due to errors in the map when i tried. But evything is basicly the same so enjoy having fun in one of the most fun levels from the clasic series of jedi knight.

side note: when turning on the lightning trap and u look down dont worry if u dont see the beams just jump off the bridge,then they apear. also who ever turns it on and someone dies u get the kill point in ffa and tffa :).


the map is more fun with at least 8 bots on and weapons enabled.


Beta tester:

Cory petit

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