Captain Feathersword (v2)

JEDIofONE's review of the first version: This is a re-skin of the in-game Rebel model by Draxonfly. Draxonfly has recreated Captia...


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JEDIofONE's review of the first version:

This is a re-skin of the in-game Rebel model by Draxonfly. Draxonfly has recreated Captian (sp?) Feathersword from the Australian children's show, The Wiggles. I personally have never seen this show, but my girlfriend (of 2.5 years, shameless plug for courting ) works at a daycare and says it's a really neat show. Since it's not a purple dinosaur or a group of alien beings with television-enhanced abdomens, I'd have to agree.

Although this is not the best skin I've ever seen, I'm still impressed with what Draxonfly was ably to accomplish. Using the Rebel model was a stroke of genius, as the antenna on his helmet and holster on his hip work perfectly as a feather and sash. The only issue with the model is the chin-cup, which is covered with a skin texture to hide it. With a little bit more detail and some touchup to the skin, this piratey fellow will be a member in the pinnacle of any gamer's collection; to complete it entirely, it'd need some good sounds from the show or one of the myriad of Wiggles toys in the toy department in stores like Target, WalMart, Toys-R-Us, etc. (the trick is learning not how to turn them on, but off).

Technical Data:

Pros: 1) Fantastic job with model choice and concept!

Cons: 1) No sounds! We demand singing! We want Wiggles!

Rating: 8/10

Well, it wasn't only requested, but demanded that there be singing included with the update to this skin. The author obliged. So yes, this is a singing pirate. I've never seen the show that Captain Feathersword comes from, but with a name like that, you'd expect singing, wouldn't you? ;) The chin looks a lot better now, and all of the extras are included.

Team support was added, and somehow, using a pink shirt for the red skin for this guy seems incredibly apropos. For fans of the show, or those who just want a swishy pirate, download this version of Captain Feathersword! :D

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes (taunt)


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Download '' (1.01MB)

*For Jedi knight II: Jedi Outcast* MP


This is Version 2 of my Captain Feathersword skin, the chin strap is gone (Thanks to Barada for the shader) and I have added a taunt, and updated his pants.

Anybody have any further sugestions for him I will gladly listen.

I only have PhotoStudio 2000, and I don't know how to work with shaders in that program, if anybody knows please let me know.


This skin is of Captain Feathersword from The Wiggles, for you people that don't know who the wiggles are, they are a childrens group from Australia.My 2year old daughter loves 'em.


*Team colors

*Taunt sound

To install this skin just put the pk3-file into (YourJediknight2folder)\gamedata\base

and it should work.


***Credit due***

Barada for the shader and time.

Firestorm for Bot Maker for a great site... 

George Lucas for all things Star Wars

My Daughter for showing me the wiggles :)



!!! <<<((*** BIG THANKYOU to Barada for the shader. Your the best! ***))>>> !!!  



Draxonfly.   (a.k.a. axewicca)

email        :

msn          :


  {Tak} The Ancient Knights.





the end.

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