Castle Duel



I think this map is a little large for Duels, but it serves the purpose :D. Basically it's a castle with 4 towers and elevators along the sides to help you get around the different levels quickly. The moat of the castle is filled with a white fog in which there are platforms that move around the entire map. If you do fall in there, use the moving platforms to help you get out, but there are also steps on the walls to help you climb out. It seems the entire castle is enclosed by forcefields, not sure why exactly ;) There is a death trap inside the castle in the courtyard, however the buttons don't seem to activate it, or perhaps I was pressing the wrong buttons :p. In any case, I couldn't get that death trap working. Fun map, I suggest a download!



Castle Duel by Dea ([email protected])

Compiled with: JKIIRadiant
Compile time: app. 3 minutes

Installation Instructions:
simply extract the pk3 file from the zip into your GameData/Base folder

Loading Instructions:
create a multiplayer game and choose the map from the Duel menu,
just like the default maps from Raven that came with the game.

Map Description:
Small castle for saber only duel games only. Enjoy

You may freely redistribute this map, or use it in any package, as long as you give
proper credit to me. You may not edit any part of this map.

Special thanks to:
Raven Software
Lucas arts
Everybody who was friendly enough to give their advice on the jediknightii.ner forums

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