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Here is a classic example of a first map from a new author - and some may agree that first maps should never be posted. I for one, think thi...


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Here is a classic example of a first map from a new author - and some may agree that first maps should never be posted. I for one, think this particular map may not really be up to a decent enough standard to get a popular download rating, but to each his own. Saying that, for a first map it isn't horriffic. Despite its extremely small size and ugly drop off on the outside areas where the sky hits the land and you can see down where it looks... well, wrong, its alright. :) So theres a few trees outside, and 3 rooms inside with some flaming torches, water pools and very noticeably - walk-through models. This really is a must-fix If the author plands on updating this.

As stated in the readme, there are a few Z-fighting bugs and the odd error here and there - the doors don't make a sounds and it won't be good for more than 6 players due to it's size but if the author can learn from it and make a better map in the future then I see no harm in downloading this map just to have a look, see how it can be improved e.t.c. There isn't a loading screen, which apparently was done purposefully - as to why, I'm not really sure but whatever ;)

In conclusion, this map is evidently a piece of first work and isn't worth the download if you only want top-notch files, but have a look at it if it sparks your attention. Oh, and there's no bot support, so you'll probably be on your lonesome unless there's a server hosting it.

New Sounds: Yes New Textures: No Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (6.07MB)

CFF Yavin Training

jk2 command name: cfftraining

Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast map





This map was made for the sole purpose of CFF using it as a training ground.  
Any are welcome to download this map and connect to the CFF server to join us
some time ;)

Theme: Yavin outside Bespin orange dim dynamics inside.

New textures: no
New sounds: yes (music)
New shaders: no
Bot support: no 



There is no level shot.  I've done this intentionally.

This is my first map.  There will be few bugs and basic design but its decent.

The beginning of the music is really quiet be rises throughout gameplay.

A known bug is an odd flashing issue in some of the fountains.

Good fps, no z-fighting, no leaks, multiple spawns.

The models are not physic-clipped, so they're non-solid.


Special thanks to DoD Silver for giving me some tips when the map was messed up at one point.

Also special thanks to Axem Keigoku of ::JEDI:: for inspiring me.

And finally special thanks to Rich Diesal's mapping tutorial.


Future Versions

Im hoping to add dueling areas on top of the temple and correct some issues in the map.

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