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Ahoy me mateies! What do I spy on the horizon there, it looks to be a pirate themed map!

Ok, I’ll stop the bad pirate impression now. :P...


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Ahoy me mateies! What do I spy on the horizon there, it looks to be a pirate themed map!

Ok, I’ll stop the bad pirate impression now. :P

What we have here is indeed a pirate themed map, and it’s a CTF map too! Certainly an interesting combination there. This map basically takes the form of a large lake with the buildings housing the flags at each end. Going up and down the lake at a steady pace are the two pirate ships. Yes that’s right, each team has its own pirate ship to use as transport from one end of the lake to the other!

The two ships even stop briefly in the middle of the lake so the teams can exchange a broadside of gunfire.

This map has many interesting tactical possibilities because of the unusual way that you get to the other teams base. Since there doesn’t appear to be any other way of getting to the other side of the lake (you can swim to the other side, but you cant jump out onto dry land, at least I couldn’t find a way to) you have to use the two ships for transport. This means that your teams flag-grabbing tactics need to be well timed, otherwise your ship will depart, and you will have to hold your ground until one of the ships comes back!

Now for some pro’s and con’s.

On the Pro’s:

This is a very clever and interesting set-up for a CTF map, which should create some fantastic CTF games. The architecture is also well done, it’s a little simple, but the textures used are good and the buildings overall look like the kind that would have been around in the 17th and 18th centuries. The ships are also very well done, the shape isn’t quite right for a pirate galleon, but I can fully understand the limitations of the mapping software for making a ‘ship shape’. Considering this, the mapper has done a fantastic job making the ships look so good.

On the Con’s

Although the maps architecture looks good, it is a bit simple, and could perhaps do with some more detail added in there. Making the window frames 3D for example, rather than just a texture helps add that bit extra detail to a map, also try to make the rock walls less flat, so they look more like craggy cliffs. The layout, like I said, is very interesting, but that in itself could cause some problems. Because there is only one way across the lake, this could make it somewhat frustrating (although it could also be very exciting) trying to get to the other side. Personally I would have added a second way of getting across, maybe by adding some steps at either end where you can jump out of the water and get back on dry land.

All in all though I think this is a very interesting and clever CTF map that I think you could have some real good CTF matches on. If you like the look of it, give it a download!

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes (From Pirates of the Caribbean no less!) Game Types: FFA, CTF


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Download 'cjs_piratas.zip' (9.32MB)

TITLE: Cjs Piratas

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the *.pk3 file into your BASE folder. 

This was the second map hize in my life with almost nothing in the knowledge radiant.Se made for the Clan Cjs and I proved that a good idea is always better than the best of designs.
I say that this map is that many people played for months on items of ctf 6 vs. 6 and I can tell you that they were fun and addictive: D. The design is very "boring" but the structure of the map is perfect for good games where ctf Capture the flag trendas to sail on the boat from your side and get to the other base without before you attack the enemy ship to stop.
Please understand that it was my second map and it is something "square" but try before you judge him in a game of at least 3 vs. 3 and sure brighten having downloaded
Surely now that the radiant is no secret to my attempts to create a version much more "elegant" and with new developments.


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