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This happens to be my second utility in a row, and by some miracle, also the second good utility. Most of us out there have clans, or lead them. I myself run one, and I’ve always been annoyed at how hassling making a site can be. Admit it, keeping track of that roster is such a pain, and I’m sure not many of you really want to have to update your main page every time you need to keep track of a scrimmage or war. In fact, almost everyone on my roster is inactive, and I’m just too lazy to go through the hassle of figuring out who isn’t.

Thankfully, we have this little utility here called Clan Manager. While it’s meant for JK2, I assure you that it works for JKA, because it is in no way directly attached to the game. It’s its own little program for installation and uninstalling (both of which are quite fast and painless), and it just hangs around for when you need it. As you can see in that screenshot, it has several incredibly easy to use tabs for filling in information. Got some notes to keep? There’s a tab for that. A member just left? Delete him off in one easy click. Get a wave of recruits? Adding them has never been easier (even those HTML’ers can’t disagree).

This is probably the best clan related utility I have come across. I can’t stress how simple it is and yet how easy it is to use. My only beef with this is that if you run out of space for names (and some clans seem to have VERY long names), it didn’t seem to be “extendable” on my computer. Maybe it’s just XP being a cow, but it just wouldn’t extend. However, this is the smallest of issues, and the fact that you can abbreviate is enough to counter it. For those of you with clans, this is something you should get.

Note: Installation instructions were not included in the zip. To install, decompress the files to a folder somewhere and click "setup.exe" in the main folder.




**** Clan Manager ****

Information: Clan Manager is a handy program for Clan Leaders to save all of their necessary Clan Info.

Features: Clan Name, Clan Tag, Members + Members Rank, Clan Wars etc.

Author: Jurek Rutkowski (Macrar / Rarlos)

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