Cloakable Shadow Trooper

Shadow Trooper that you can actually cloak!


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Shadow Trooper that you can actually cloak!

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Cloaked MP Shadow Trooper Version 1

Installation: 	This is slightly more complecated than usual, 
		as normal extract cloakedshadowtrooper.pk3 to
		your gamedata\base directory.
		Then extract the autoexec.cfg file to your
		gamedata\base directory. NOTE: If you already
		have a autoexec.cfg, copy the contents of the new
		autoexec.cfg and paste them and the end of your
		existing one.

File Info: 	Support for all game modes. No bot support as of yet.

Activating: 	To activeate the cloak, make sure you added autoexec.cfg
		to your gamedata\base directory.
		It contains 2 lines with switch between cloaked and 
		uncloaked models.

		Q = Uncloaked
		W = Cloaked

Info:		It took me 3 days to work out the required shader coding
		to get this right, i know lots of people have asked for
		a MP cloaked shadowtrooper. But please don't pinch the code.
		If you want to use it, please acknowledge me in your development.
		I acknowledge 'ICEPOOL' for his yodaghost which pointed me in the
		right direction. Please note though, i have not pinched his coding.
		I made my own.

		This is my 2nd skin :) (released)

Known Bugs:	In CTF or Team FFA mode the binds dont work to cloak and uncloak.
		You have to manually change skins, between JO's shadowtrooper and 
		my cshadowtrooper, I cant figure out why.

Developer:	[BP]DarkAngel,, [email protected]

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