Clone Wars Clones - Part 1



we have the first skins based on this very popular series, three new re-skins of the Clonetrooper model; Bel (From - Lair of General Grievous), Gree (From - Cloak of Darkness), Denal (From - Duel of the Droids). Whilst at first glance these might just look like normal Clonetrooper skins, if you look a little closer you can see the differences unique to the 3D animated style of Clonetrooper. For one, the depressed areas of their armour, along with the shadows are much sharper. This is most noticeable on the back of the calves on their legs, and the cheek area of their helmets.The shadows in general, along with the coloured areas and details are also sharper and less natural, making them look more like their 3D animated counterparts. Overall I really like these skins, I think they look great and I hope Clonehunter and anyone else who liked the Clone Wars series will make more characters from it! There are a few areas for improvement however. One big thing I would like to see for next time around is custom sounds, perhaps some quotes from the TV series itself to lend that bit extra authenticity. Along with that I think some proper team skins for each skin would be cool. I also think that maybe the shadowing on the armour could be made a little darker, but thats really a matter of personal taste.All in all good work here and I look forward to seeing more Clone Wars themed skins! :)Bel New Sounds: NoBot Support:YesTeam Support: NoGree New Sounds: NoBot Support:YesTeam Support: NoDenalNew Sounds: NoBot Support:YesTeam Support: No~Nozyspy~


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