Clone Wars Clones - Part 2



with red markings.As you can see, this is a reskin of the clonetrooper, Commander Pond. Just like the three skins in Part One, this skin has had a makeover textural and style wise. Let's see what Nozyspy had to say about the other three clonetroopers shall we?

Whilst at first glance these might just look like normal Clonetrooper skins, if you look a little closer you can see the differences unique to the 3D animated style of Clonetrooper. For one, the depressed areas of their armour, along with the shadows are much sharper. This is most noticeable on the back of the calves on their legs, and the cheek area of their helmets.The shadows in general, along with the coloured areas and details are also sharper and less natural, making them look more like their 3D animated counterparts.

As you can see, the same changes were made to Commander Pond that was made to the other three clones. As mentioned in the comments of Part One, many people thought the clones needed Cell shading. In my opinion, this wouldn't make it look to good. This is supposed to be CGI based, and cell shading would kill off the whole idea of CGI, don't you agree?Overall, I love the detail and color put into this. Seeing that red is my favorite color and all, It's definitely to my liking. I think I'll be using this for quite awhile! Although, there is a few things that need improved and added. I'd like to see something different used for the boots. They look like something a Tusken Raider would wear, not be offensive or anything. I just keep picturing myself as a Tusken Raider, instead of a Clonetrooper. Also, in my honest opinion, you should definitely add custom sounds to the skin, just as Nozyspy recommend in Part One. It would definitely add some realistic flavor to it. If you have enough time, try adding team skins as well. A lot of people desire team versions, especially for Clonetroopers. Well, I'd like to apologize to Clonehunter for not approving and reviewing this during the same time you released it, because it was uploaded around the same time that Part One was uploaded. All in all, I love this version of Commander Pond! I never actually saw the mini-film of Clone Wars, but I've seen some of the series. My only recommendations are to look over my overview of improvements and additions needed. Other than that, this is a definitely a skin worth downloading if you want something different to use for JK2! New Sounds: NayBot Support: AyeTeam Support: NayNPC Support: Coming Soon!~Syyrax


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