Clone Wars Clones - Part 3



time the pack includes Commander Cody, or Obi-Wans Clonetrooper Commander, and two versions of the Coruscant Guard Clone. One of these has accurate patterns on the armour, whilst the other has some custom patterns on his armour that the author made just for fun.Like Clonehunters previous two packs, the skinning here is up to a good standard and the skins do indeed have that animated feel and appearance to them. Probably my favourite out of the trio was Coruscant Guard Clone with the movie accurate markings. I would definitely like to see more skins like this from Clonehunter. Perhaps next time around you could make a pack full of completely custom Clone skins?There are some areas that I feel need improvement though. I am disappointed that there arent any team skins here, since as I often say, team skins add a lot to the playability and appeal of a skin. Also, while the texturing looks good overall I still think that the coloured markings could do with a bit more depth to them since they feel a bit flat. Maybe some slight variations in the colour in the markins or some scuffs and scratches would help.Overall though this is another fine Clonetrooper pack here from Clonehunter, and I hope to see more in the future! :)Commander CodyNew Sounds: NoBot Support:YesTeam Support: NoCoruscant Guard CloneNew Sounds: NoBot Support:YesTeam Support: No~Nozyspy~


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