Cloud's Buster Sword

One big, flaming sword... Jeez, id hate to be at the other end of this thing.


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One big, flaming sword... Jeez, id hate to be at the other end of this thing.

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Title : Cloud's Buster Sword
Filename : Buster Sword
Author : Daniel Ortiz (Chrono/Chrono_MOT)
E-Mail Address :

Description: While fighting off the Heartless from his world, Cloud lost his friends. He struck a deal with Hades to get his friends back, and in return he would provide the keyblade to Hades. In order to contain the massive cutting power of his blade, he wrapped it with specialized garments that reduced the cutting strength without losing any striking distance or power.

Machine(s) Tested On : Athlon 1800+ XP, 512MB RAM, 64mb Radeon DDR


* Installation *

Extract the .pk3 file into your "base" folder in the "gamedata"folder under where JO is installed.
Now start up JO and enjoy

Just delete the file to set the sabers back to normal

The reason I am now releasing this is because someone was originally supposed to have done a Cloud model for JK2. Since that person vanished, I am releasing the sword separate.

This sword is NOT to be altered in any way, shape, or form...nor is the texture permitted to be used on other mods. Anyone is permitted to re-compile the blade to make it JediMOD compatible, as long as proper credit is given.

- Chrono (M. Chrono)

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