Cloud Strife Reskin

Bot Support: YES Team Colours: YES New Sounds: NO (original Cloud sounds used)

Here we have a reskin of the very popular Cloud model by...


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Bot Support: YES Team Colours: YES New Sounds: NO (original Cloud sounds used)

Here we have a reskin of the very popular Cloud model by Chairwalker as reviewed by Maddog here: His hair is as pointy as ever, but the skin was polished up and is more true to everyone’s favourite Final Fantasy character. Besides team colours (much darker and dramatic than the original skin), a "Sith" variation was included... for those of you eager to unleash the dark side of your own final fantasies.

Overall, this is a decent skin, although the Sith variation face looks a bit more like a racoon than a dark force endowed being (but that might just be me and my love of racoons!). To izanagi’s credit, the face and details on the other variations look great. Those of you into RPG skins will be on cloud nine.


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25th July 2003
Cloud Strife Reskin
Created by Robin "izanagi" Molde
File Size:??mb
Programs used: Adobe Photoshop 7.0

This file is my Interpritation of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. After Dowloading ChairWalkers model i was a little disapointed in the skin that acompanied an obviously cool model, anyhoo, i email'd chairwalker and asked permission to reskin it and thankfully he let me :o))
I have to admit that the cloud model was very difficult to skin because of the models restrictions when it came to it stretching the textures i tried to skin it with, but anyhoo with a bit of persistance i managed to finish it REALY quickly (Inside a day infact).
I'd like to think this as an update to Chairwalkers model but that would be pushing it ;o)) Think of it as more of an expansion :oP

Features in full:

Complete reskin of the original model, with darker textures and a more striking face. Team support also reskinned, plus iv added a couple of shaders to the model (the shoulder armour and the metal rings on his arms have been chromed).

Also added a Sith version of the skin.

Includes bot support.

Includes the original sounds from Chairwalkers model.

Includes Chairwalkers Buster Sword

Bugs and faults:

Sith skin is fairly basic but meh!! I must point out it is a very difficult model to skin!


Place the CloudIzzy.PK3 (and the Buster Sword .PK3) inside your base folder usually located C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base

To uninstall just place them in your recycle bin :oP

Special Thanks:

A massive thanks to ChairWalker without his model i wouldnt of been able to create this skin! All credit for the model should be passed on to him. Please Download his model because at the end of the day it was that, that gave me the inspiration to make a reskin ... Thanks d00d


Lucasarts, Raven and Activision do NOT support the use of this file in any
way and neither they, nor I will be held responsable for errors it causes!!

I have run extensive tests and I have encountered no problems in using
this mod!!!

Robin Molde 2003
Visit my clan website @
Em@il @

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