Colored Name Tutorial

coloredflaginstructions.txt —


this before, but it is really quite simple and quick.Of course, the other way of getting a coloured name is to use the /name console command in JK2 and then simply put your name in after that with the appropriate colour tags, such as /name ^1N^7ozyspy (^1 being the code for red text and ^7 being the one for white text, for example). Of course, if you dont feel like doing this in the console manually ingame, then you can just do it via the .cfg file method explained in this short tutorial!One thing I didnt quite understand though is why the author described the effect as 'getting coloured boxes' in your name as opposed to just coloured letters. I was kinda expecting a new type of text format or something, but oh well!The .txt is only a small file, so give it a download if you are curious, I might even add this to our tutorials page if I can ever manage get around to it!~Nozyspy~


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