Colt M1911A1 .45ACP

This Colt M1911A1 .45ACP replaces the bryar pistol, it only works for 3rd person view. It comes with model & sounds. Developer Notes: Th...


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File Description

This Colt M1911A1 .45ACP replaces the bryar pistol, it only works for 3rd person view. It comes with model & sounds.

Developer Notes: The author gives for permission for "anyone to modify or update then with out contacting me"as long as my original credits and myself are included in their version."

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             *JKII MODIFICATION*

                 Lord Hatrus
                Psycho Mantis


           .:M1911A1 & SFX/GFX:.
                Lord Hatrus'
             Private Collection

Author of Model: =Darth=Lord*Hatrus[SOC] AKA Lord Hatrus
Author's of Model's Email:

Author of SFX/GFX: Psycho Mantis
Author of SFX/GFX's Email: Undisclosed

Beta Testers: Lord Hatrus & Psycho Mantis

NOTE: This file will not delete or change any of your settings. To remove the sounds and/or the file read the "Uninstallation" info below.

Model Build Time: 1 hour (rebuilt)
Model Tweaking: 30 minutes
Model Beta Testng: 5 minutes 
SFX Mixing: 5
GFX Rendering: 10
Total Time of Model: 1 hour 50 minutes

Idea by: =Darth=Lord*Hatrus[SOC]
Model By: =Darth=Lord*Hatrus[SOC]
SFX Mixed by: Psycho Mantis
GFX Rendered by: Psycho Mantis

Model Type: Custom Model
File Type: MP Custom Weapon Addon & Sound Effects
Replaces The: briar_pistol 
SFX Format Type(s): wav
GFX Format Type(s): jpg, various gfx formats

Specs: A model of the Colt M1911A1 .45ACP
Notes: Had to really decrease the poly-count but its not noticable in-game. 
Comments: Replaces the Briar Pistol 
Description: A small but powerful handgun taht carries 7+1(in the chamber) rounds. It is s double action and has two safties. It fires 45 calibure ACP rounds that pack quite a punch. this gun was used in WWI and WWII, and is still used by some law enforcement and third workd countries today.

Pros: This gun replaces the briar. I have to say, that in my opinion, this model and the sound effects are so cool that you will most likely use this gun twice as much just because of the look, fell, and sounds it has. I find myself taking potshots at ppl with it just to hear and see it in action.

Cons: This model is not made for 1st person view. It is only modeled for 3rd person view.

Future Improvements: Im not planning on  making this 1st person capable. I simply dont have the time to go back and mess with it. Dev's and those intrested are encouraged to improve upon this model, but please read the "Conditions" statements below. 

Installation and Uninstallation:


NOTE: This will replace the briar_pistol, make sure that another custom model isnt using
thebriar_pistol gun also.

Simply extract/place the .pk3 file into your gamedata/base directory, and run the game!


Simply remove/delete the .pk3 file from your gamedata/base directory.

Conditions of Use and Distrobution:

Feel free to distribute this file as long as you do it:
a) Free of charge.
b) With ALL of the files included, including this readme even if only part of it is used.
c) By useing this file to gain any type of financial profit or for illegal activities.
d) If you would like to use this file or any of its contents please contact me at and I will reply ASAP.

Credits & Thanks:

- M1911 Skin is from SOF2, Model is rebuilt and sounds are by Psycho Mantis. I take no credit for the skin in this model.
- Psycho Mantis for making SFX and GFX for my models and helping me repackage all the mess!
- =Darth= Clan for continual support!
- JK2Files for letting me serve on their wonderful site!
- LucasArts and Raven for creating such a terrific game!
- George Lucas for STAR WARS!
- And last but not least, those of you who enjoy my/our work!
-My Personal JK2 Guru: DoF_Blackwolf for unlimited help and patience
 teaching me about modeling, skinning, proper usage of software, technical assistance, and                  source material locations. Thanks Guru Wolf!
- =Darth=Osamas_Camel for the much needed comic relief during the stressful times.
- =Darth=PalCgo for running Pals Palace FFA Server for us to pratice on.


I am not responsible for anything these/this file(s) may do to your computer. Use at your own risk. If this file is corrupt, causes computer problems, or missing any parts, please contact me at ASAP(Please describe in detail the problem)!


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