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I don't claim to know a lot about Half-Life 2. What I do know, is that this doesn't really look much like the Combine Metrocop.

It's basically a TIE Pilot reskinned to be bearing the same color scheme. Sure, the baseline similarity is there, but the model is just... wrong. Definitely not the best choice for it. In fact, I'm guessing an accurate Metrocop would require a whole new model, because I've never seen anything that fits the bill.

Still, this is about as close as there is, so if you're not too picky about having it actually look like the source material, go right ahead.

~ Kouen

Bot Support: No Custom Sounds: No Team Support: No



FantastikO's combine metrocop!

First, I would like 2 thank ~ip~Air, [<<motf>>]odie and
DOKI SUT for their help.

Open up the .zip file and take out the .pk3 file and put it in ur
ur base direcotry (folder) found like this:
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base

Ah, finally u can play as everyone's favourite sci-fi corrupt
police officer... the metrocop! (from half life 2)

size: 358 kb
Team support: no, but maybe in v2....
Bot support: once again, maybe in v2....
new sounds: no, but not really needed
coolness: 10/10!

---------LEGAL WHATNOT---------
This program/skin is not endorsed by raven software or
lucas arts/lucasarts entertainment, activision nor is it
endorsed by valve.

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