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This pack contains the following favorites from Marvel Comics: Harleyquin v 2.0, The Punisher, The Flash, Green Lantern, Shi and Thor



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This pack contains the following favorites from Marvel Comics: Harleyquin v 2.0, The Punisher, The Flash, Green Lantern, Shi and Thor

Amazing design and graphics on ALL of them.

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Title			: Comic Book Heros
Author			: Lady Hazel/Lady HarleyQ

File Size		: 6.67 MByte
Date Released		: 10/01/2003

Description		: Comic Book Characters Skin Pack

Comments		: version 1. Book 1.


The Skins Inclkuded here are:

Harleyquin v 2.0
The Punisher
The Flash
Green Lantern

Harley Quinn v2.0

Harlene Quinzelle was a brilliant and successful criminal psychiatrist. After encountering the criminal mastermind, 
The Joker, at Arkham Asylum, Harlene develops a fascination with the madman's maniacal psyche. She begins to treat him, 
only to find herself completely under The Joker's control. Unable to break his hold on her, Harley enters a world of 
crime as The Joker's criminal accomplice and lover, Harley Quinn.

This is the original skin I did with a few tweeks on sound and such that bugged me from the first version.
a few minor graphic hickups have also been sorted too.

Harley Quinn is Copyright DC comics.

The Punisher

When his family was killed in the crossfire of a Mafia shootout, Frank Castle put his military training to use  
waging a one-man war on crime. As the Punisher, Castle reinvented himself as the merciless scourge of the underworld. 
The mere mention of his name causes criminals everywhere to cringe in fear, because they all know the Punisher plays for 
keeps -- and someday, he may come gunning for them!

This skin was one I did totaly on the spur of the moment but seemed to fit nice in the whole combat based game thing.

For the CTF skins I simply re-coloured the black suit to blue. This to resemble some of the comic books (blue is
used a lot in comics to replace black so shading can be added etc), this gives a nice comic book feel
to that skin I think, the Red skin was SUPPOSED to be a more biker-esk character with a red-T and leather 
pants and such... unfortunately I think it looks a little weak but I may work on it if theres enough request for 
a V.2.

The Punisher is COpyright Marvel Entertainment.

The Flash

Wally West is the fastest man alive. Splattered with lightning-charged chemicals as a pre-teen, he gained super-speed 
and became the sidekick to the second Flash, eventually succeeding him. Powered by the extradimensional Speed Force, he 
can not only move at near-lightspeed, but can transfer speed to and from others. He used to be able to vibrate through 
solid objects, but now doing so causes them to explode. Wally is the only speedster who can travel through time precisely 
without using external calibration.

This skin was totaly inspired by force speed. just had to see what it looked like... and yes it looks like the FLASH! so
I am quite happy about that to see the scarelet speedster zipping around the screen.

For the CTF skins I used two different characters:

Red skin :- Impulse ; Bart Allen: Bart inherited super-speed from his grandfather, Barry Allen. Impulse is a fun character
and when trying to come up with a red skin for the model (red really being default when you think of it) impulse lept to

For the Blue skin I went with one of the members of Blue Trinity. A Russian genetically altered super group of speedsters.
I like the way it eventally turned out after lots of tweeking to the skin.

All three skins definately look their best when running at full speed with that lovely motion blur :)

Green Lantern
When Guy Gardner, the alternate choice for Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814, was injured, Hal Jordan was ordered by the 
Guardians to train a replacement should Jordan ever be injured as well. The Guardians chose John Stewart. Out of work, Stewart 
was not worried about finding the time to train as a Green Lantern, so he accepted the offer. Given a power ring and the uniform 
of the Corps, Stewart discarded the mask, claiming he had nothing to hide.

Having seen a Green lantern skin on the JK2Files before I thought I'd update the character a little to the current lantern.
Here I have to tip my hat to the Mace Ando Char in the ep2 skinpack Omar Torres Jr released as this was the face I used. I 
have to admit that I am totaly useless on faces so a great big hug for making this skin possible :)

Now the Latern is the only skin without a red or blue CTF colour.. they are there, but hey.. there green.. well they are the 
GREEN lantern after all. So what I chose to do was give totaly different char costumes and therefor instead of just one lantern.. 
we have 3

Blue CTF Skin: Hal Jordan. The greatest GL of them all with the clasic Jordan costume to boot. A nice little wash of nostalgia
crept over me when doing this one as Hal was the GL I grew up with. you can keep the rest, for me Hal was always the best ;)

Red CTF Skin: Kyle Rayner. Given the Ring by the last surviving guardian and replacing Hal as the new GL of sector 2814. Not the
best GL in the world but the costume was nice and easy to do as it was primarily black lol! anyway I hope you like it and the fact
thats its not red dosent throw too many people.

Green Lantern is Copyright DC Comics inc.


Born of a Japanese father and American mother, 10 year-old, Ana Ishikawa witnesses the brutal slaying of her entire family. The 
child is consequently spirited away and raised by her grandfather, Yoshitora, a descendent of the Sohei, the great warrior monks 
of medieval Kyoto. Shrouded in secrecy, Yoshitora trains Ana in the ways of the Sohei - her sole mission in life is to seek out 
her family's murderer and avenge her family's honor. Never forgetting the Catholic teachings of her mother, however, Ana's life 
becomes one of constant inner conflict between her programmed mission of revenge and the Christian leanings she secretly harbors.
With her conflicted soul weakened, this vengeful obsession consumes Ana's very being, as she transforms herself to Shi - the 
living embodiment of Death, who since childhood, has terrified and encouraged her in her crusade of vengeance.And yet the duality 
that rages Ana's soul will not permit her submission to the death demon that terrorizes her. For Ana's faith and the ethereal 
visions of her gallant ancestral Sohei shepherd her along the bloody Way of the Warrior.

Growing up it was terribly hard to find strong felmale role modelsand almost impossible to find decent female superhero's if you 
think you boy's have it hard look at the following link to see how hard us girls have had it over the years in the costumed arena

So..... with the quest for a strong character I chose Shi. A warrior and as her name means, literally death! A nice anejoyable 
little skin to work on as the jan model is almost.. almost perfect for (oh please god let some wonderfull modeller bring out a female
with long hair!). Since she was also a samuri I thoug tit would fit well with JK2.

The red CTF skin is a litte more black leather with some red elements left in for good measure..

The blue model.... ok, so she's nude.. get over it. I've toned down the more titilating bits to generate what I feel to be a rather 
nice skin. Now in my defence it is historically accurate to create a naked female assasin skin as in Fudal Japan this was not unheard 
of. besides that I'm a girl and I'll darn well draw womens antomy if I want to ok? if you dont like it dont use it.

Shi is copyright William Tucci/Crusader Fine Arts.

Thor is the son of Odin, lord of the gods of Asgard, and Gaea, the eldest goddess of the Earth.  Odin wanted a child of Asgard and Earth, 
which is why he mated with Gaea, the Earth Mother.  Gaea gave birth to Thor in a small cave in Norway.  A few months later, Odin took 
the baby to Asgard to be raised by his wife, the Asgardian goddess Frigga.  Thor did not learn that Gaea was his mother until many 
centuries later. Thors Primary weppon is Mjolinr. Odin enchanted the hammer with many powerful magicks, including one that made it 
impossible for anyone to lift the hammer unless he or she were truly worthy.  Odin proclaimed that Mjolnir was intended for Thor's use 
someday, when he had proven himself worthy to wield it.  For the next eight years Thor trained to become a mighty warrior, and he 
performed many heroic deeds.  Odin then presented Mjolnir to him, and declared him to be the greatest warrior of Asgard.

Ok so to round up this little skin pack (and it was hard to sop here I have to say.. thinking a part 2 may be in order) Thor.. the manliest
man of them all.

The default skin using the wonderful exurkun model by Michael Frost & co is the clasic comic book look. The blue tunic and red cape.
all very iconic.

The blue CTF skin is minus the cape but with the addition of the beard he sometimes wears, where as the red skin is thor in his battle
armour ready to dish it out to any who asks. for those who care the letters on the shoulderpads are actually words. its runic and says
"Thor; god of thunder".

Thor is Copyright Marvel entertainment.

Interesting factoid:-

The average comic collector owns 3,312 comics and will spend approximately 1 year of his or her life reading them

As alway extract the ZIP file and place the COMIX.PK3 file into your <drive>\<GameDir>\GameData\Base
directory and see what you think

Well till next time :-  Loves, hugs and kisses on your pink parts xXx

E-mail: [email protected]

Additional info		: CTF 	           Yes
			  bots 	           Yes
			  Custom sounds    Yes
			  LOD support      ???

* Copyright / Permissions *




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