Commander Appo

appov3.zip —


started all over. Now we've a cleaner version of the stormtrooper with a blue pauldron, some weird texture-work with the undersuit, and the trademark blue facepaint of the 501st. Did it work? MM..nah. For one, the paint on the helmet was a full triangle downward, leaving room for the dorsal ridge on the helm; this looks like just lines. The paint also continued down the chin of the helmet as well, which it did not in this case. The chest armor's paint continued onward from the funnel-out that the helmet paint portrayed, broadening out into a triangular shape, two rectangular patches left white. This version does not have such. You pretty much just got the color right and some of the baser detail XDWell, thankfully, CH was gracious enough to include extras. NPC, bot, and team support are all supported here. If you approve, make your move.Bot Support: AyeNPC Support: AyeNew Sounds: NayTeam Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan


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