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Those of you out there who are proper Star Wars nuts will probably recognise the name of this file right away. Unfortunately, though I consi...


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Those of you out there who are proper Star Wars nuts will probably recognise the name of this file right away. Unfortunately, though I consider myself a Star Wars nut, I never really paid much attention to what the Clone Commanders were called…which was a little embarrassing for me because I actually had to look this guy up before I remembered who he was. Oh the shame! I must pay better attention to what the Clone Commanders are called next time…

Anyway, in short, Commander Gree is the guy in camo that gets his head loped of by Yoda on Kashyyyk when Order 66 is executed. Not exactly a great way to die really. :P Looking at the skin, it does indeed look like the character out of the movie, the coloring seems to be correct on the camo and with the green visor (I think the Swamptrooper’s in JK2 probably should have looked more like the camo Clones out of Episode 3). The model reskinned here is the default Stormtrooper model, which fits pretty well. There are however some areas that need a fair bit of improvement.

The most obvious one is the quality of the textures themselves. Though it is obvious that these are camo textures, they are very low resolution and look grainy and somewhat distorted. Also, from what I can remember (since I was watching Revenge of the Sith this very morning) is that his shin guards and boots are black, whereas the ones on this skin don’t seem to be quite dark enough, although this is only a very minor issue. Also of note is the visor, which looks slightly skewed. Fix these issues though and you will have a fine skin, so keep up the good work mate! :)

All in all not bad work here, but still room for improvement, I look forward to seeing which Clone Commander you make next, since you have made Gree and Appo.

Don’t forget to leave the author some helpful tips and advice in the comments section so he knows where he can improve for next time, especially if you are a fellow skinner! :thumbsup:

New Sounds: No Bot Support:Yes Team Support: No


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Commander Gree Readme
Contact Me:

Name: Commander Gree/Camo Stormtrooper
Type: Skin (stormtrooper)
Based off of real starwars person: yes
Author: Clonehunter 

BOT Support: Yes
NPC Support: No
CTF Support: No

INSTALL:  You should know this by now but first (for all newcomers) go to
My Computer->Local Disk C->Program Files->Lucasarts->Jedi Outcast->Gamedata->Base and drag zAppo.pk3
into your Base folder.

Descrition: This another stormtrooper reskin, this time to represent Clone Comm. Gree,
 seen on Kashyyyk with jedi master Yoda.  Or at least its supposed to be.  I call it
 commander gree, because i know the back of the real Gree is different looking
than mine, and because you cant really see the T-Shaped Visor, and how it looks like a green
stormtrooper visor.  So in that case, this can also be called or named a 
Imperial Camo Trooper.  So please enjoy my Gree/Camo Stormie skin. 

Bugs: None that is known of


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