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kind of thing and write a detailed back story from which their mod is then created, which I think is great idea and something I wish modders would do more often.Here we have a skin pack, which includes characters from the authors fan fiction Star Wars: Confederate Remnants mod. If you want to read up on the story and the characters behind the mod, then go to this link at the Star Wars Fanon Wiki.First of lets start with the Dramatis Personae and a short message from the author:

This skin pack is a "preview" of sorts for my upcoming 'Star Wars: Confederate Remnants' mod. It includes the following characters: Kayden Jard* - Human Grey Jedi/Confederate Agent Keedo Ruuk - Rodian Jedi Knight Wurak Rowan - Chiss Gangster Dravco - Shaderan Dark Jedi Stormguard - Force-sensitive Stormtrooper Striketrooper - Criminal Soldier *Includes both Male and Female models.

Now, let's have a look at each one of the skins in turn, starting with Kayden Jard. Kayden JardAs mentioned, this skin comes in both male and female versions, allowing you to take your pick. Personally my favourite was the male version as I feel the female version is a little bland to be honest. The male version is much more colourful with the Reborn robes, whereas the Jan based female version is simpler with just a green and white colour scheme. I personally think it would be cool if both the male and female versions of this character had the same kind of colour scheme, to tie them both together. But that's just my opinion. Keedo RuukThis is a fairly simple reskin of the Rodian model with the jacket, shoes and stripe on the pants re-coloured to be blue. Apart from that there do not appear to be any major visual changes to the skin, however it does sound like the skin has some completely new custom sounds, which is a cool addition! Wurak RowanNow this guy is creepy! You know when someone is really pale they are as 'white as a sheet'? Well this guy is the Chiss equivalent, he is as blue as... uh, a very light blue sheet. Generally speaking Chiss are a slightly darker blue I think, but the pale blue skin on this guy really makes him look pretty menacing and definitely gangster like. Considering that this is a re-skin of one of the Jedi Trainer models, I think the author has done an excellent job of turning the skin into a completely different character, only using re-colouring. This is one skin that I definitely feel needs some custom sounds for next time around! DravcoThere isn't much I can say about this skin, it is basically a grey Reborn, with creepy grey skin. I definitely think some more detailing work needs to be done to this skin. Something like adding deep cracks to the skin on the face and such would make this guy look even more menacing and Dark Jedi like, as if his flesh is completely corrupted with the Dark Side. StormguardBelieve it or not, in the original Ralph McQuarrie concept art work for the original Star Wars film, Stormtroopers were equipped with lightsaber's, which were originally envisaged as being much more common. Here we have a force sensitive Stormtrooper! This is also something that I believe has been covered somewhere in the vastness of Star Wars fiction, only I cant remember exactly where I've seen it!This Stormtrooper variant has dark grey armour and has a yellow coloured visor, but apart from that there dont appear to have been any major changes. StriketrooperThis is the only non-base model retexture included in this pack and is based on the Scout Trooper model by Slurpy_Commando. This is basically a purple Scout Trooper, apart from that, there again don't appear to be any major changes from the original, which is a little disappointing. I think that since this character is meant to be a criminal soldier, it would be a cool idea to add some markings, logos or other such things to the armour. Examples include the way Mandalorian's have the Mandalorian Skull on their armour and the Black Sun use their, umm, Black Sun symbol. :PConclusion All in all this a varied and cool skin pack, although it could do with some improvements in some areas that I have mentioned above. Overall though good work here! if you decide to make a v2 of this, I would definitely like to see team skins for each of the characters and also some more unique detailing on some of the characters skins. Apart from those things though, I look forward to seeing more work from you, both on the modding and fan fiction sides and I also look forward to seeing your Star Wars: Confederate Remnants mod! :DKayden JardNew Sounds: NoBot Support: YesTeam Support: NoKeedo RuukNew Sounds: YesBot Support: YesTeam Support: NoWurak RowanNew Sounds: NoBot Support: YesTeam Support: NoDravcoNew Sounds: NoBot Support: YesTeam Support: NoStormguardNew Sounds: NoBot Support: YesTeam Support: NoStriketrooperNew Sounds: NoBot Support: YesTeam Support: No~Nozyspy~


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