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that stiff rotation much like JA.And with it, I bring the skinpack forward. The author was kind enough to provide us with backstory here in the description. Behold:---

Dravco - A Shaderan who left his isolated homeworld to explore the rest of the galaxy. He eventually met with Darth Vader and was charged with creating the "Dark Guard", a divivion of the Imperial Military made up of force-sensitive Shaderans.

*snicker Anyway, I'll assume the Shaderan race is entirely fictional. Basically, it's your average black reborn, cept they just plastered luke's tunic on instead of recoloring. Desaturated skin, full yellow eyes, nothing we ain't seen before. Moving on.---

Lears - Dravco's second-in-command, Lears is Shaderan Dark Guard who tries to potray himself as brave and tough but is really a coward at heart.

Basically take Dravco and tint the upper half purple, swapping luke's tunic for Jedi2's, and you've got Lears.---

Alexander Grage - A mad Imperial scientist, Alexander Grage once worked with both sides in the Clone Wars as a weapons developer and is also an experianced surgeon. Grage injoyes performing sadistic experiments and became corrupted by the Dark Side despite not being force-sensitive.

There was hardly any change between this and the regular imperial commander outfit, save for the blackening of gloves and paling of the skin. The eyes apparently are now amber and there appears to be an attempt at making bloodshot eyes, but...can't see it in game :---

Wurak Rowan - Rowan is a Chiss crimelord from Nar Shaddaa. He ownes a large garbage desposal company and uses it as a front to disguise is criminal activities.

Hmm, Nar Shadaan crimelord with a garbage disposal company front. Haven't seen that before. Other than being a blatant Reelo ripoff, Rowan is basically a Jedi recolor, blue skin, black hair, lime green shirt with purple accenting, and black pants. Nothing too fancy.---

Keedo Ruuk - Keedo Ruuk is a Rodian Jedi who escaped Order 66. He became one of the leaders of the Alliance for a Free Confederacy, an alliance between a CIS remnant, some Jedi and the criminal Rancor Mob.

I didn't know rancors had organized crime. All joking aside, default rodian, all brown was converted to blue, and mohawk is now a solid piece versus the usual feathered look. Next.---

Big T - A Mandalorian crimelord native to Duulan, Big T and his Rancor Mob fought along side the CIS during the Clone Wars. He continues to fight with the Alliance for a Free Confederacy and other anti-Imperial rebellions.

At this point, m'lady and I were just laughing our asses off at the concept of a mandalorian hip-hop artist. After that, I noticed it was based off the ol Bloodriot Mando. Whew...and it's horrible saber flaw that makes swinging a saber seem more like a disadvantage than any other model. From what I beheld, it looked like a simple recolor of black undersuit with shiny chrome plating and a purple belt. Or blue..it was hard to tell 'cause it looked like both. Oh well, no matter.---So that's about the whole plethora of skins that came here. Other than the rather silly backstories(sorry to break your heart but it had to be said,) this skinpack doesn't look half bad, but methinks more could have been done to it. Next time, I'd recommend fresh new textures to make your characters feel more unique, especially since these are going in whatever mod you have planned for us. Good luck, and godsesspeeds. Bot Support: AyeNew Sounds: AyeTeam Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan


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