Cu CTF Maze



simple in concept, with a relative symmetry to the team zones. Each team starts in alarge circular dome , a platform afloat in...way too much water. Was that much needed, I wonder? I could actually go down to the depths of the dome and actually hit the end of the water zone, and fear not drowning, with no damage along the way. Water aside, our team members exit the dome, passing through a narrow bridged transition area that leads to the preparation room, the room that houses three doors: Two grant you supplies, and the third houses the entrance to the labyrinthine corridors beyond.Once you are inside the maze, good luck. The very walls, ceiling, and floor may swallow you whole, destroying you utterly. I'm not joking, either. I had to haul ass through a series of walls that sought to smash my brittle husk in between, narrowly avoid a pit that sought to devour me, and acrobatically fly past rising floor sections, and that was only through part of the map! There's no telling what other traps lay for you in this maze, and should you be masterful enough to even score a single point in this map(that is, go through the maze twice to fetch and retrieve the flag, avoiding all traps and enemies in a single life,) you would be heralded as a great champion, I can assure you this.JK2 CTFers, rise. A new challenge has been ushered unto you. One that would be an incredible test of your abilities =_= GO FORTH, AND PROVE YOUR METTLE. Glory and riches await he who succeeds in fair contest to acquire the banner.New Textures: AyeNew Music: AyeSecrets to plunder: AyeBot Support: Aye- Averus Retruthan


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