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This is identical to the JKA version, so to save on time (quite a backthrough to work through, and I intend to have the inbox at zero files...


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This is identical to the JKA version, so to save on time (quite a backthrough to work through, and I intend to have the inbox at zero files within the next few hours), I'll quote my previous review.

Well, my literary skills are at an all-time low, so rather than doing an editorial-style thingamabob, I'll just break it down into subcategories.


It's simple enough. Some would likely call it "primitive", but hey, it gets the job done. Major problem? There's not enough architecture. The map feels far too open, and the parts that don't are little more than standard room fodder.

The obstruction training room is a decent concept, albeit executed somewhat sloppily. The obstructions sadly make little difference to battle.

Also, it may just be me, but I find the highway segments very out of place. Meh.


The openness of the map detracts from the gameflow somewhat. It's almost impossible to hit anything with guns because of the range, and saber duels are just boring on such wide open ground. For that reason I feel this map is more for the RP crowd, but they won't even have much to RP on it. Ouch.


The giant cups and grindrails are a unique feature, I'll give ya that. On the whole, though, the design of the map disappointed me. The wall textures look bad and far too bland, there's little to no variation in anything, and the yellow fog that's all over the place just spoils the whole thing. The Changing Rooms team would probably have a field day. Or maybe Ground Force - this place is too big for interior design.

While I wouldn't go so far as to label this as being bad, it's not going to be to everyone's taste. In fact, I predict that it will only really be preferred by the people it was made for. There just isn't enough overall content in it to allow it to be good for general purpose usage.

~ Kouen

If you JK2 players wanted to get a little slice of the map, here's the JK2 version.

~ Kouen

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Title			: Cyber Punk Cafe
Author			: S. Robinson (Boddo)
E-Mail			:
Website			:

File Name		: cpcjk2.pk3
File Size		: 5 MBytes estimate
Date Released	: February 3rd 2007

A map for the cyber punk in you! This is the official Jedi Knights 2 multiplayer map.
Color themed to match the cyberpunk look.
Also, realy fun features, bounce across the map via the roads
Grind the pipes like tony hawk and leap from one to another
The only regret I have is not making it sooner when JK2 was more popular. 

Additional Information	: FFA map

INFORMATION:  Works on JK2 for now, will make a JKA version shortly

Just put the cpcjk2.pk3 in GameData\base in your JK2  game directory, and it is selectable among the usual Multiplayer maps.

tO ThE scEne that Gives us all so much

Anyhow, eat a bag of leetos and chill.

Disclaimer: is no way affiliated with lucas arts or georgy lucas, raven and whoever else made this great game.

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