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This reskin of the Sephiroth model changes the shoulder plates, eyes, and chest area of the trenchcoat red, as well as the eyes red. His ha...


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This reskin of the Sephiroth model changes the shoulder plates, eyes, and chest area of the trenchcoat red, as well as the eyes red. His hair changed to black, and little insignia on the front of the trench.

Too me, this looks like Sephiroth had a bit much to drink, got himself all bloody, and dyed his hair black. The lack of team colors and new sounds, combined with the, in my opinion, lame color changes, make this a file I would not suggest downloading. Maybe if there was more effort put into this, maybe some actual texture changes instead of just color changes, then this would be worth downloading.

Bot Support: No Team Colors: No New Sounds: No (Kyle)


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Download 'dante_serroth.zip' (426KB)

July 09, 2003
Model Name              : Dante Serroth
Author                  : Sephiroth__VII
Skin Author             : WaR_ShArK_aX
Animations              : Sephiroth__VII
Sounds                  : Sephiroth__VII, WaR_ShArK_aX
Email Address           : war_shark@msn.com
Website URL             : http://rpghome.tk
Skin description        : This is a basic reskin of Sephiroth. Dante Serroth is a RPG character of mine and I was inspired to create this by so many other making custom skins for their characters.     I have made the eyes fully red, Tinted the hair black with red tips, And given the skin a deeper color tone. If you like the Red version of Sephiroth I suggest you get this.

Other info              : The strange symbols you see in the icon and on the belt are latin (The belt says Lucifer, the icon says Dante Serroth).

I am also considering reskinning the entire sephiroth model, red blue, default, etc. I have the resources but I don't really want to unless you people would like it based on what you see in this skin (think of this as a sort of beta for a full team supported reskin). Here's what I had in mind:
- Blue version would be a sort of fallen angel with a sharper blue and and lighter trenchcoat
- Default would look more like sephiroth (Better eyes, perhaps even fix some slipping issues)
If you'd like me to do this lemme know by email or just ZM me on the Zone (WaR_ShArK_aX) or AIM (ShArKs oNMy FooT).

Additional Credits to   : You, because your giving the skin life by downloading it. Thank you

Thanks to               : Sephiroth_VII, GL_Ajax_, RJK_Durron, JediRingo1, Bio_Warrior, 
And everyone else who inspired me to create this skin
* Play Information *

New Sounds              : YES
CTF Skins               : NO
LODS                    : NO

* Construction *
Poly Count              : <LOD1 - ????? polys>
Vert Count              : Probably a lot of Verts
Skin Count              : 1 Skin
Base info               : Used Sephiroth_VII's model, skin is based on the red Sephiroth
Software used           : Adobe Photoshop, GMAX, Milkshape 3D
Build/Animation time    : This skin got deleted NINE times before I finshed a good copy

* How to use this model *
Well, you unzip it to your base file, and select it in the player menu...
This ain't rocket science folks.

* Copyright / Permissions *


I was curtious enough to ask Sephiroth_VII before skinning his model and screwing with his skins. Please do the responsible thing and ASK FIRST (email is above).

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