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Where do I begin? Hmm, this is one of the best SP mods/TCs I've seen yet. I'd prefer to just call it Sith Outcast, but its name is Dark Orig...


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Where do I begin? Hmm, this is one of the best SP mods/TCs I've seen yet. I'd prefer to just call it Sith Outcast, but its name is Dark Origins. You play as Darth Maul and your sidekick is a Droid. The story has been rewritten, the voices are all new and the dialogue in the cut scenes has been changed. Much to my entertainment when I reached that one scene with the bartender. *giggle*

The only other file that obijon1138 has released was a skin pack of Mandalorians. I wasn't too impressed with that, but that was a long time ago. And this SP mod/TC almost never saw the light of day. I'm glad you released it though, John. It's a great mod that breathes new life into an overplayed and essentially dead SP game. I mean, this is worth the download simply to watch the cut scenes and stuff. The voice acting was decent and the story was intriguing. Sure, it's a little buggy, but it wasn't anything too bad.

Yes, this file is big. Yes, I'm way late getting this file on our site. I'm kinda glad I'm late though. Maybe this will make File of the Week. Who knows? Download it, play it and then rate it. If you rate it based on the screenshots, I will hunt you down and ... give you a noogie or something. And I've got to applaud you John for giving credit to all those you borrowed from. I don't think one name was left off of your readme. Great job! I hope to see maybe some original SP campaigns from you. That would be awesome.


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Download 'darkorigins_tc.zip' (106.78MB)


Author:		John "obijon1138" Tannehill
E-mail:		[email protected]
Filename:	Darkorigins_TC.pk3
Items:		readme and installation.txt, Dark Origins script.txt, NPC spawning hints.txt,
	        The Fetts folder, and a plot explanation-salvation(whatever you can make of it)"An Insidious plan"
Features:	New story
		New screenplay
		New character configuration
		New character sounds
		New title opening
		New damage effects
		New skins
		Modifications to NPCs
		Special NPC spawning
		Special gamesaves

DESCIPTION:  A total conversion?
Eh, pretty close...More of a conversion from the light side to the dark side.  More of a story of Evil vs. Evil, and a few innocent Jedi get destroyed along the way.

This mod is an expansion of Dark_Maul's "The Deluxe Maul Package".  This is also a story of an actual Star Wars event.  "Loosely" based on Haden Black man's Jango Fett:Open Seasons, heavily embellished by me(FAN FIC).  The event takes place 12 years before the Battle of Geonosis in which Maul was still alive under the apprenticeship of Sidious.  And Dooku was first falling to the Dark side under the influence of Sidious.  Whoops!  Gave that away...  This mod is a mix of many author's work with only a few "cut'n'pastes" here and there by me.
I only claim originality for the screenplay and the soundfiles...oh and the few reskins.

INSTALLATION:(This was not made for or MP.  Proceed at your own risk.  READ THE XP INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.)
I would recommend you clear out the base folder of any other pk3 file which are not asset1, asset0, etc. -like keep the ones that came with the game.

Just take the Darkorigins_TC.pk3 & Soundfiles.pk3 and put it in the gamedata/base directory. Then take the JK2config file and the saves folder and put it in the base directory.  Put The Fetts folder in the base directory*(read further for what to do with the Fetts)*

ATTENTION XP USERS!!!:This mod runs fine on Windows 98, but on XP and 2000 you have to set the JK2sp.exe to be compatible with Windows 98.  The NTFS file system does not accept the model directory config.(Reborn into Jedi) If you don't do this you can only load some levels with the console but XP will shut down the program if gameplay carries on to the next level.

1.Go to the game file in the gamedata folder right click the JK2sp icon.
2.Click properties,click the compatability tab and check the compatability mode box (Run this program in compatability mode for:) select Windows 98/Windows ME.  click apply.
3.When you start the game it will be dark.  The brightness slider will not work.  Bring down the console(~ and shift) and type: r_gamma 1  
That should return it to default but you may have to manually adjust the brightness with your monitor.

*If you just want to have a Mandalorian battle, you can be Jango or Boba Fett.  In the folder "The Fetts" just take out the sp pk3 of the character you want to be and put it in the base folder.  It will replace Darth Maul but the story will still be about Maul with maul sounds.  To be Maul again just take the sp pk3 file and put it back in The Fetts folder. NOTE: You can't use the game saves of Maul for the Fetts and vice versa.  The weapons will show up in strange places on the models.


     You start with full force powers and keep them throughout the game. 
     The npc spawning option was created because I know that everyone has played these levels over and over.  This will help ease the boredom until you start facing the Jedi. I have included gamesaves with the soldiers spawned in already or you can set it up yourself and just watch the action.

     It will save you a lot of trouble.  Plus it might be a good tool for someone in case they wanted to compile a map...(Something beyond my abilities)



Main game mod-The Deluxe Maul Package-created by Dark_Maul(credits down the list). Thanks, this helped me make this seem like a complete game.  I only modified the blood(smoky blood and flesh embers) and took out the wanted signs.

Gameplay scripts-Some from Boinga's Episode 1.  Boinga included text versions of the scripts, the only success I had with BehavEd.  Thanks Boinga1!  And then I later found them in the cryptic JK2 utilities pack and used some of them.

Cast of Characters
THE SITH:	Darth Maul(replaces Kyle)from the original Deluxe Maul package. Model by Adam "Cheshire" Lee.

		Darth Sidious(replaces Luke and Mon Mothma)Model by Toonces and skin by Sithlord.  I couldn't find a Senator 			Palpatine model to replace Mon Mothma.(sometimes he doesn't show up at all. bug?)
		Darth Athea(replaces Desann)I couldn't find the right model to fit with what I thought he should look like.    		So I made a reskin of my own, a mix of "my favorite reborn".  The hood and flaps 
		come from Darth Mekanus red model by Alex Olcelli and the body and 
		face comes from the Ladder Dragon Remix. Skins by Paul Murrell.

		Darth Tyranus aka Jedi Dooku(replaces Tavion)From the team 
		of Kman, Grafox, Toonces, Luuke, Garik Loran. Reskin by Bleek.

THE JEDI:	Regular Jedi(trapped in this corrupt battle)
                Jedi(replaces reborn)from the original game with different skin.  Torso skin from the Jedipack author unknown.

		Kit Fisto(replaces reborn)Model by Toonces, skin by Arco, sounds by Nomad
		Lenya Vanua(replaces reborn)Model by Tim "Spacemonkey" Appleby skin by Bradfu
Dooku's order of Jedi Knights(replaces shadowtroopers 1 & 2 and the reborn boss & forceuser)An order of Jedi under Dooku's command.  He corrupted these Jedi in secret unknown to the Jedi council.  They were destroyed in the final battle, as Dooku would resign soon after.
		Kyle blue model makes his cameo appearance
		Jedi trainer blue model from the original game
                Kyp Durron model by Mike Cantwell
		Kit_moot model by Toonces skin by Mars

		Garun Tuk(replaces Morgan)Maul's former master before he killed him.  It is said that Sidious raised Maul from birth and conditioned him.  That is what the Zabrak would want you to think.  Tuk foolishly thought that he could put to rest the the anger and hate that ruled Maul's destiny.(That's another story).  Jedi Zabrak skin by Evansmp

THE MANDALORIAN ARMY:From the Mandalorian Pack and Bounty Hunter pack
		Leader Jango Fett(replaces Lando)Authored by Bloodriot and Absath
		Boba Fett(replaces rebels)Authored by Bloodriot and Absath.  
		various Mandalorian skins(replaces Bespin cops and rebels)reskins by myself from the Mandalorian pack, by                 Bloodriot and Absath and the Bounty hunter packs, by J-2000
		Absath(replaces prisoners)Skin by Absath
                PLUS:Two spawnable reskins from the Bounty Hunter packs by J-2000 (Jaster and Montross) 

THE DEATH WATCH:Commander Navous(same as galak just a slight reskin)
		The officers(Goran Skarr from the JK2 Mandalorians pack by Absath & Bloodriot)
		Soldiers(A reskin by myself of Star Slayer Havok with and without the jetpack replaces stormtroopers) Star                   Slayer Havok comes from the Star Slayer pack authored by Trinity[X] and is the property of Clan X.
		Swamptrooper is a reskin by _Nergen_

THE KUHLTHLA:   All characters remain the same just shuffled around.
		New model Star Slayer Exodus also from the Star Slayer Pack authored by Trinity[X] property of Clan X.
		Reskin Sith Rodian by Mars Marshall.

THE DROIDS:	Mark 3(replaces Jan and Jedi)Model by Chairwalker
		IG-L337(replaces jedi trainer)IG-88s, Sidious's droid experiment.  Model by gemini authored by 					ACiDus.
		Mark 1 And Galak Mech(reskins by myself)

The rest remain the same with a few variations.


Cool Moves (1.1) mod:	Alejandro Jiménez "Samsagaz"
Sith Startup:		Created by Darth_Crap; modified by Dark_Maul
Sith Lightning		Jonas "Zworqy" Olsson
	-Model		Adam "Cheshire" Lee
	-Skin		Default: Adam "Cheshire" Lee
     			Red: Kurtis "Kman" Smith(not included)
     			Blue: "Arco" Furgeson(not included)
      	-Sounds		Mason "Temptous" Gilbertson and Sampo modified by Dark_Maul
			main sounds by Obijon (I kept a few of the originals)
	-Skin to SP	Phillio
Saber Hilt:		Vent Gala
InGame menu:		Vince P. A.K.A. Darth Viper for art
Red Menu Glow:		Dark_Maul
Glass:			Dark_Maul
Sith Startup Sounds:	Dark_Maul
Taunt Sound:		Dark_Maul
Force Color:		Dark_Maul
Force Swirl Color:	Dark_Maul
Interrogation droids:	Dark_Maul
Loading bar:		Dark_Maul
Other Changes:		Dark_Maul


Read the soundnotes for more details...

This is, what you may say, a complete "reskin" of the voicefiles of the game.  All of the main character voices have been replaced by my own err... "impersonations".  I won't judge for myself how good they are, I'll just say it was a lot of fun to do.

Darth Sidious
Darth Maul
Darth Athea
Commander Navous (Galak)
Jango Fett
Garun Tuk
The Mandalorian soldiers
Various others-comm voices, prison warden, etc. were performed by obijon.

Protocol-performed by my computer via the "Say It" program from AnalogX

Republic Ambassador-Josiecat(my gal)

The voices from the game are still there such as Reelo, Kyle(Jedi outcast1), and Jan(Lenya Vanua), but not Luke.
Nomad provides the voice for Kit Fisto(which is in the other credits)
Complete credits are at the end of the game.

New music is from the "The Phantom Menace" and "Attack of the Clones" soundtracks.  A remix of my own.

Darth Sidious and Dooku-were taken from samples(of the actual characters) provided by Nomad from the model packs
Ian McDiarmid (Darth Sidious) and Christopher Lee (Dooku) original actors from the movies.

SP_Jangofett includes:Serephin's Hyper weapons mod
                      Quigon007's Westar blasters

I got a lot of ideas on how to make a mod like this from Boinga's Episode 1(authored by Boinga1) and Episode 3 The Beginning of Darth Vader(authored by [JEDI] Adam,Darth Vader,Dark Drax,Padawan Jedi)


The biggest one is the incompatability with XP. I apologize for this but the original game had 1 folder for the reborn model with multiple skins.  This mod uses a config with multiple models with multiple skins.  The game and the sound run better in XP (DUH!).

There are of course missing shaders, I don't know where they are.  Everything looks OK but the console says they are missing...  And the bug in the first level crashing because of the NPCs plus entities.
This is addressed in the NPC hints so you can work around it.  If you find anymore let me know, better yet let me know how to fix them.  This is my first attempt so...go easy.

Yes, and it would be great if this mod could include the double bladed saber and jet packs(the troops could follow anywhere).   But that probably won't happen without the source code.  Ever???? 		

If you have any suggestions or would like help with future projects...e-mail me.

Thanks to my bro And boscoetheloneleydog.com for their support
And to Korbin at The Ultimate Boba Fett Resource for web testing the mod and curing me of some of my "newbness". 

I would like to THANK.... 
Lucasarts and George Lucas
Haden Blackman
The Star Wars community
The Ultimate Boba Fett Resource
The voicecast of Jedi Outcast
The cast of the Star Wars universe
Ian McDiarmid
Christopher Lee
John Williams

And a big THANKS! to all the people who participate at mod sites around the web who have made this possible.  Unbeknownst to most of them.  Some permissions I got, some I could not get a hold of.  If I left anyone out in credits you may curse me in any comment section of this file being posted in which you will recieve prompt attention. hehheh

oh yeah....


© 2004 Obijon1138 INC.
The screenplay is under copyright and may not be used or duplicated without the author's permission.  This modification is a mix of many author's works.  Use and permission is granted provided ONLY that you give credit where credit is due.

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