Darth Kaldor

Ladies and Gentlemen, boy and girls, Jedi and Sith, I have for you all a reskin of the reborn model, titled Darth Kaldor! Though it is a per...


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Ladies and Gentlemen, boy and girls, Jedi and Sith, I have for you all a reskin of the reborn model, titled Darth Kaldor! Though it is a personal skin, symbols and text names have not been added so that anyone could use it.

At first glance, it looked as if the entire top of the skin had been paintbucketed black. However, when I looked a lot closer, and turned off the light to get rid of the conflicting light, I saw that there was indeed a texture there. The texture I saw there appeared to be a slightly modified Imperial Officer texture, just without color, and very very dark. The gloves and boots also seem to have been taken from the same place, with only the gloves slightly modified to be brown. The face seems to have been paintbucketed completely black. As for the pants, they are a light blue with a red stripe down each side. They sort of do not fit in to the dark skin...

That being said, I do have to add on that many thing can be done to improve this skin. First off, I'd suggest that the textures not be made to be so dark, even if they are supposed to be sith-like. Second, get a real face. Paintbucketed skins never work out well. Third, try creating something new, instead of using modified textures from other models. Though this could use some work, it is not the worst thing I have seen out there. Keep up the skinning, and you should be fine.

You all know the drill, give this a download if it seems like something you would like.


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Download 'darth_kaldor.zip' (608KB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast
TITLE: Darth Kaldor
AUTHOR: Darth_Kaldor
E-MAIL: michaelneil666@hotmail.com
WEBSITE: www.nioclanforums.proboards106.com

FILENAME: _kaldor.pk3
FILESIZE: 425.1 kb
DATE RELEASED: March 18, 2007

CREDITS: I made this skin completely in about a half hour. Beta testers: Me, Moosh.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the _kaldor.pk3 file in your base folder in your Jedi Outcast folder. C drive>Program Files>Lucasarts>Jedi Outcast>Gamedata>Base

DESCRIPTION: A personal Sith skin I made for myself for my JKA clan. I ported it over to JKO, and removed clan logos for anyone to use. This is my first skin submitted to jkfiles.

BUGS: None that I know of, email me if you find any.

COMMENTS: If you want to reskin this skin, you have full rights to do so, as long as you give credit to me (Darth Kaldor), and not release it as a "Kaldor v2" skin or the like.

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