=Darth= Training Grounds



This map was made for clan trainings, and I think it fits the purpose exactly! The map has ample supply of weapons, ammo, health, shields and viewing areas. The map is basically divided in two parts. On one side is a large glass chamber where, presumably, people can practice with their sabers. Inside the chamber, there is a button on the wall which allows the player to leave the chamber when they wish to (this button is only inside the chamber btw). There is also a room connected to the chamber which is filled with health and shield pickups so that players can quickly 'regenerate' themselves should they need to. There are two rooms to be found outside of the chamber. One is filled with rows of weapons and ammo, though the door is locked from the inside. The other room contains some health/shields. There is also a walkway type of structure here. Basically two players can saber duel on this walkway and the first person to fall off, loses. It's challenging as you have to keep control of your player and movements. On the big wall dividing the map is a glass room where people can spectate. There are also 3 buttons on the walls which control doors the entrance to the glass chamber, the door to the health room in the chamber and the entrance to the weapons hold. On the other side is a walkway going around above a floor of death (i.e. if you fall you die). Like the walkway on the other side, this one just lets you practice over a death pit. It's open and wider so it's a bit more challenging. Circling around the map is a 'floating bunker'. Noone can hit you while you're in there (unless they are inside the bunker with you ;)) and it also gives you a birds eye view of the entire map.

The map certainly works well in terms of clan training. However, I felt that despite that it's purpose is just to train, the map could have been made more 'aesthetically' appealing. The lighting was a little bland and 'white washes' the floor. The walls are high and repeated the same texture over and over. I would have suggested to have some more realistic lighting (for example, light fixtures on the wall acting as the source of light) and also some detail on the walls (perhaps changes in the texture, or little indentations just to give it more of a depth).

I recommend this map for clan training or the like, but am not sure how well it would fare as a normal FFA map due to the large storage of health and weapon pickups.

Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel



                                            -    =Darth=  TRAINING GROUNDS     - 

**** Description ****

This map was designed to train new members of the =Darth= clan to become better players. Because of this you need more than one person to play it (if you want to use most of the features). It has a Observation tower in the middle of the map, with the three buttons that control the doors to the "features" I mentioned earlier.

The first button (right next to the door) opens the armoury, there is another button inside to open it to get out. The Armoury was designed to fully arm four people simultaneously. It contains four; Brayars, Storm Trooper Blasters, Rapid fire guns, Flettche's, rocket laucnhes & four sets of Remote Mines. It also contains the ammo for these weapons.

The second bottom (the one you can see when you enter the Observation tower opens the door into the large recanltal area, this is the duel area. The second door (entrance) to the duel area is controled by the botton inside and the button in the observation tower.

The third button (right on the other side, away from the door in the Observation tower) opens the door to the health room, there are two health room, both with lots of large shield power ups & health. But the one outside the duel area does not need the botton to open the door.

There is a sparing beam, similar to an acrobat’s beam. Which just big enough to stand on. Beam is off the ground. This will allow the training of control’s movement while sparing.

There is an birdge (near the imperial shuttle) which is designed for long range duels, there are only two ways (onto and off) this birdge without getting killed. Only the winner for the duel gets off alive.

Also there is a imperial guard tower, its not there for a reason just fun!

Lastly there is a flooting "bunker" which is just again just for fun.

Rember this map is not really for fun, but to train.

**** Thanks ****

Thanks go to Lord Hatrus for doing the design of the map & especially WadeV1589 (from the SG Mod for Elite Force) for encouraging me to start mapping.

**** Installation & Playing ****

Put =darth=training in your Gamedata\base folder. Then either selecting it among the usual 
multiplayer maps or bring down the console (by holding down shift and pressing the ¬ key) then type "map =darth=training".

**** Information ****

Mapper & Co-designer  : USS Phenix
Designer              : Lord Hatrus
E-mail                : [email protected]
Version               : 1.0
Date Released         : 08/08/2002

File Name             : =darth=training.pk3
File Size             : 3,119 KB

New Sounds            : Yes
New Skins             : NO
New Objects           : No
New Textures          : No
Build Time            : 2 Days
Notes                 : This is only my second map, so please tell me how I can improve this map or any others I make. Any suggestion would be useful.

**** Legal Stuff ****


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