Darth ZOltars Docks

This map has been released by Darth Zoltar carrying the name of course Darth ZOltars Docks.

In the read me, he advised that he spe...


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This map has been released by Darth Zoltar carrying the name of course Darth ZOltars Docks.

In the read me, he advised that he spent quite a bit of time on this.. two whole days. Hmmmm... well, not sure two whole days constitutes alot fo time.. but anyway..

I will say, that for two days, this map has alot of promise. It's fairly a small map in size with the layout being rather simple. The first thing i noticed, was that on many of the corners, the textures are either not lined up, or there actually was an entirely different texture in some areas. When some of the doors open, the walls are not thick enough to hide the door, causing it to be visible in the wall. Also, I did find other Z-fighting here and there in this map. One other thing I did notice, was two or three of the light enitites were placed maybe alittle to close to floors or walls, causing the bright circle effect (with no light source).

The map is listed for FFA, Team, Jedimaster, duel and ctf, although I couldnt get it to show up for duel.

Again, if this map was made in two days, its not a bad map, but I think it was rushed at the end, and many of the details were unnoticed, therefore not fixed. Fix some of these things, add alittle bit more to this, and it will be a nice little map.


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Download 'darth_zoltars_docks.zip' (1.66MB)

Darth ZOltars Docks 


Just put it in your Gamedata/base folder, pretty simple like all the other maps


this map is the first map that i have released, worked on it over 2 days spent quite a bit of time on it
worked on it over my spring break March 29th- March 30th 2005 is when i made it, this map that i am releasing is for the 
purpose of finding if there is any intrest in the map, if i have a good responce that people like the map, i will release
a version takeing everyones critques and trying to make my map even better. So if you have any critques on my level or have
any ideas for a level that you would like to see please send these ideas to my e-mail burnsidealltheway@yahoo.com include in 
subject that you played my level. 


I did everything on this map, My first name is Dustin my game name is Darth Zoltar leader of the ARD Clan (ard stands for
ancient republic + Darth, a clan with a division, one clan uses good force powers, one uses evil.) we useually classify our
selves as diffrent clans but we are the same.

so enjoy it, and e-mail me with any advice or things that you would like to see

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