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Amote put a lot of work into this skin, and it shows. A solid replacement for your singleplayer avatar, Darzee Mardo is a welcome change fr...


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Amote put a lot of work into this skin, and it shows. A solid replacement for your singleplayer avatar, Darzee Mardo is a welcome change from the less-than-intimidating Katarn. Here's the lowdown:

The .pk3 is setup to replace the generic Kyle and saber models and skins in the singleplayer game, and, subsequently, modifies the multiplayer experience in the same areas; as anyone who enjoys gaming both online and offline should know, it should be moved out of your base directory before you get on with your friends. The saber hilt has been replaced along with the skin, and while the two models and skins do go together, a separate .pk3 for the saber hilt and blade color, with the option to use or not use the saber, would have been a welcome addition to the package.

As far as the skin itself goes, it's nice and solid. Clean, polished, fresh, and enjoyable, he face is especially well done, with the eyes piercingly stunning. My one qualm with the head would by the lack of flow from the hair down to the forelock; there's very little in common between the one and the other, and at close range one gets the impression that he's wearing a wig over a small patch of hair on his forehead; an effect that may look slightly out-of-place in cutscenes. As far as the saber goes, it's simply beautiful. If you're into varying your weapon's look, it's really not a bad alternative at all.

The bottom line is that it's a beautiful skin, one that obviously took effort. It isn't flashy, but feels more grounded, not altogether out of the universe. A singleplayer mod, and a nice one at that, I look forward to the possibility of Amote adding team skins and releasing it at a multiplayer download.

Bot Support: NO New Sounds: NO Team Colors: NO

- Dan "ViperEye" Tennant

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Download 'darzeemardo.zip' (903KB)

Darzee Mardoo was a graduating Jedi Knight from the Jedi Academy who had just obtained his Master status within the order.  The great battle of Geonosis which had started the Clone Wars which had ravaged the galaxy for several years now.  After the defeat of Dooku and most of the Great Jedi Counsil being killed off by the Sith Lord Darth Sidious and his new apprentice Darth Vader.  Slowly as the jedi became more and more scattered the academy was finally overtaken and everyone murdered.  Jedi are great warriors and defenders of peace not soldiers.  The couple remaining Jedi were forced into hiding to preserve the Jedi from going extinct before the Sith.  Darzee Mardo and his apprentice Jamir Savante are among the few remaining Jedi.  They are hunted by the republic and by many a mercernary with the bounty being placed on their head that they do have the chances are getting thin for their survival.  Darzee was under apprenticeship with Ki-Adi-Mundi and upon his death his training was finished by Yoda.  His lightsaber is an elegant custom built double/single lightsaber.  It has the length of the single blade saber but has an additional blade emitter built in on the bottom of the hilt handle.  The saber emitters are enhanced with Artesianiaul Crystals whos  properties alter the saber blade making it much harder and hotter burning than normal with no extra powercell consumption.  The chrystals give the saber the same color properites as well so the blade has a light blue core with an outer greenish aqua glow.  The resulting saber is both beautiful and elegant to wield in combat.

.....This character is based on the supurbly done Anakin Skywalker model which can be downloaded from        JK2Files.com
.....The Lightsaber hilt is based on Aaura Sings saber hilt which was downloaded from JK2Files.com

	By typing in the search field the above info you will find the originals  to my reskin.

I wanted a custom Jedi whom fit into the current Star Wars movie timeline to play, but could find none for a simple reskin.  I spent roughly 3 weeks working on this skin doing everything from detail addition, color corrections, to eyecolor, earrings, fumanchu, custom clothing.  The lightsaber is loosly based on the original every possible aspect of this hilt has been changed to make it totally custom, and if I do say so myself is by far the most realistic and coolest to see in the game.  I think it looks like real metal and the custom force crystals embedded into the ends of the hilt gives this blue saber its aqua-green multicolor.

Simply extract the pk3 to your gamedata/base directory of the Jedi Knight II game.

I no sell it, or barter with it, it not from LucasArt gods, or game gods, be nice play nice
Jedi Knight II, LucasArts, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and all the other Star Wars stuff are trademarks and copyrighted and locked in a ice safe on Hoth under Sith God guard so there...

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