Dawn of Darkness

It seems that everytime a new model or great skin comes out, someone inevitably creates a single player mod, replacing Kyle with the Skin/Mo...


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It seems that everytime a new model or great skin comes out, someone inevitably creates a single player mod, replacing Kyle with the Skin/Model-of-the-Moment. :) Of course, these mods are typically a waste of space, time and effort. In my humble opinion. :D

This SP mod is a bit more interesting than just a replacement of Kyle. The authors did not try to assemble the characters from Episode 1 or 2 into the Jedi Outcast story. Instead, they wrote their own story to sort of, parallel the story of the game. The authors were incredibly detailed, giving background through personal files on the lead characters and even diary entries from a Jedi. Who knew a Jedi would keep a diary? ;)

Not only is there an involved story going on here, there are many new skins. Kyle is now Chiss Merc - a reskin of the Kyle Mercenary skin. It looks great. And his sidekick, Jan is now a Chiss Mara. There are also Chiss Admirals, Troopers and Officers. Darth Mantis makes an appearance as Desann and the evil Tavion is replaced by Darth Spectre, a reskin of Padme. And much, much more! ;)

To really appreciate this mod, you need to read everything that is included here. There's nothing new in the game at all except for the skins. So keep that in mind if you want to download this. :) I really like that they created their own story - it's too bad that they didn't put together a team who could help make this story come to life and give it its own maps and missions. But maybe, there are some of you out there who just might show some interest in doing just that for JK3 with the authors? Maybe? Hmmm. Anyhow, good job for what you had to work with guys. :)


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Download 'dawn_of_darkness.zip' (13.53MB)

Dawn of Darkness Single Player Mod

Created by 	Anthony Greene (GreenePhenoix)
	&	Dary Braithwaite

Files Contained within the Mod

Personell Records.txt
Kyle's Diary.txt

New in this Mod

New skins-	Chiss Merc (Kyle Replacement)
		Chiss Female
		Chiss Admiral
		Chiss Trooper
		Chiss Officer
		Darth Mantis
		Darth Spectre
		Dark One
		Night Trooper
		New Bartender

New Music	Shadow over Bespin (original composer-Jerry goldsmith, clips from Remus & The box)

Installation Instructions. 

Extract to your JediKnight/gamedata folder. Do NOT extract to your base folder.
Then start a single Player game and chose Dawn of Darkness out of the mods section in options.
Please note, if you are already playing a game and wish to swap into this mod, please restart the game fully as JK2 will keep the Kyle model in memory, then just paste our skin over it. (NOT pretty)

**************************************************************************************************Extra info.

This Mod is set in a Parallel version of Star Wars story, where kyle doesn't give up the force and Desann doesn't exsist.

The extra txt files included with the mod are a little backstory that Dary and myself created. They're not important to read but help to expalin the differences between Jedi Outcast and Dawn Of Darkness. In the Kyle's Diary file I have blocked off an area of text, this is basically my interpretation of Mysteries of the Sith, Not important to the story and you can pass over it if you wish. (I admit it, I got carried away while writing it! ;) )

This mod was created by a couple of bored skinners, we had no knowledge of creating a proper single player mod, neither are we mappers. This was as close to the vision we had as we could get.


Credits for other people's work

Chiss Merc - 		Uses the Lb-merc_kyle model by Tim Eggena aka Infinity Blade
Chiss female -		Uses the glm_mara model by Edward Peretti
Darth Mantis -		Uses the Mandalorian Model by António Perestrelo & Tim Buckley
Mantis Saber -		Model by 3dberko
Darth Specte -		Uses the Padme model by  Leo "Tetsuo" Kraan

Known bugs

Spectre uses her force powers from her feet, even though lightsaber combat works correctly.


Legal Crap


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