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Clan maps are often the most predictable maps made. I'd have to say at least 80% of all clan maps have a council room, living quarters for...


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Clan maps are often the most predictable maps made. I'd have to say at least 80% of all clan maps have a council room, living quarters for the higher ranks and the clan's tag plastered all over the map. And so, I have mixed feelings about clan maps. Some can really pull it off well and give you a fun map with lots of places to duel, good FFA areas and secrets to find. I'm still unsure of how I feel about the DEA Palace version 2.2.

The first screenshot there is where I spawned, outside of the palace. In that hut there to the right you'll find the DEA Code of Conduct where you'll learn that they follow most of the rules that other respectable clans also follow. On either side of the staircase leading up to the large palace doors are thrones. I couldn't quite figure out why, but ... okay, I'll go with it. There's also a well out here somewhere. Go ahead and drop in. :)

Once inside the palace, you're greeted by a huge portrait of Lord and Lady Mahem. I'm not going to tell you which door takes you where, because, frankly, I forgot. There are several paths to take. Downstairs, I do recall is a bar. Chef's Place. I actually really like the layout of this bar, I only wish it had a more creative name and maybe a fun menu. :) There are dueling rooms galore here. My favorite of them all has to be one in the center of the main room of the palace. You'll see a button on a pillar. Press it, then get out of the way. A platform lowers to the ground, then you hop on and it takes you up into the ceiling where there's a large blue/purplish dome above you. I think I particularly like the concept, though I don't much care for the texture or colors used here.

Elevators and teleporters are everywhere. They'll take you to a large landing pad outside with DEA painted on it, a courtyard with blue skies and crumbling pillars, but running fountains, and even platforms suspended above hot lava. There's even a Bespin-esque area for some good FFAing. I really don't recall how I got to the Hall of Heads, but there it was. Though it was probably unintentional, it was really creepy. Reminded me of that one scene in Return to Oz. *shudder* Oh, and Lord Mahem has a killer office. Lots of bookshelves and a fireplace and other stuff.

And now onto the bad stuff. :/ This map kills my FPS. In some places it was just fine ... 40-50. But in most areas it fluctuated too much. Pointed one direction, I'd be at 30, but if I turned around, I'd be down to 12. Not exactly great conditions for dueling and certainly not for FFAing. Now, I know it's a clan map. I understand that you want to tell everyone who sees the map that it's a DEA map. But, in my opinion, they went a little overboard with the DEA posters everywhere. So, I like this map, but it's not one I'd put on my server. Way too big to be practical. I just have to remind myself that it's a clan map. They made it for them and they're sharing it with us. I liked a lot of the ideas they used and I enjoyed exploring the map. Good work. :)

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA


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.:DEA Palacev2.2:.

	place the deapalacev2.2.pk3 file in your base directory

   A thanks goes out to all the DEA members for the awesome ideas that were added
to the map.  This map would be nothing if it werent for the DEA.

.:Map Designer:.
	-{DEA}-Piles  (

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