the dungeon master controlling the traps, and take his place. There are 6 rules that have been suggested, though I sense some of them aren't entirely necessary.With all that in mind, what's the map look like? Pretty boxy and plain, actually. A large oblong box sits in the midst of a much larger box, with a spiraling path leading up to the top of the box, where one enters the box's interior. From there, you can see a perfect 360 degree view of the entire arena, but they can't see you. Use the consoles to activate all the traps that the map possesses, and watch the chaos ensue.I'd say this is a pretty good idea. Not only will the players be fighting against each other, they'll be fighting against you in a struggle to avoid the traps. If people get ahead of the pack, the boxmaster will have a hell of a time trying to choose whether to slay the pack or the lead. After all, the pathway isn't exactly the most sturdy....Give it a whirl, and see how it strikes you.New Textures: NayNew Music: NayBot Support: Nay- Averus Retruthan


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