Deus-Legio Skin Pack



changed.Okay, so what's the ONE thing that's been changed on the skin that makes up this thirteen skin pack? The name. That's it. From what I can tell, only the name changes on each skin. So how does that make this skin pack become around 40MB? Simple. The author has the SAME sounds repeated in EACH pk3. So you get thirteen copies of the same soundset, whereas you could just combine everything into one pk3, have all thirteen skins use one common folder with differing skin names set so you can change skins, and they would all reference one soundset. This would probably reduce the size of this file by 75%.Okay, the skin itself looks like a reborn with light blue-green base colors, slap on a {DL} tag on the back, add a couple of extra things, slap on a name, and whammo! Instant clan skin. I must admit I'm a bit disappointed in this skin pack. I was expecting something unique, as most clan skins (while generally not of the highest quality) generally are pretty creative.Oh, did I mention that the clan skins only show up if you're using blue team skins?Bot Support: NoTeam Support: Not really.New Sounds: Yes~Zach


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