DJ -- Imperial Worker Re-Skin

Skin rating: * * ½ (out of four)

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Clan skins are often discriminate...


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Skin rating: * * ½ (out of four)

Bot Support: No NPC Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: Yes

Clan skins are often discriminated against because of logos wrapped around every corner. I don't believe that it's bad to emblazon your clan, especially if it looks good. This skin, by *JKO*DeviousJoe (which rhymes), does indeed have emblems on it, most prominently not a clan logo but instead "DJ," the abbreviation of the author's name.

I like the improvements made to the Imperial worker himself, which make him look grittier. The default looks like he just got hosed down thoroughly, which this skin is a more naturalistic form of him. However, the improvements lack detail and intricasy, and in some cases may appear blurry. The back, with "DJ" painted on it, looks just fine if the author wants to advertise himself. The helmet's better than the default, but I don't like the green neck, even though it does not lower the quality of the skin.

The taunt made me smile, which is a plus, I guess. The lack of detail in the improvements make this an alright skin, but not directly recommendable. This skin is very personal, a playful, not serious at all skin of a very unpopular model that should be fun to use for anyone named DJ.


Note: The readme's installation instructions tell you to extract "Bespin orber.PK3" to your base folder, but it's actually called "Dj.pk3"; also, the author did not explicitly provide a name for the mod, so I had to use the most logical one.

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Download '' (1.18MB)

Creator: *JKO*DeviousJoe (

To install: 
Simply extract the file 'Bespin orbit.PK3' to the 'base' folder, situated in lucasarts: JediKnight2: gamedata: base

About: I think this is the first re-skin of the Imperial Worker model, so congrats to me. :)
It isnt a big change to the original Imperial Worker im aware, I didn't really want to change much because it
wouldn't be the skin I originally liked, the skin is named and made for myself, by myself, it took approx. 3 hours
to do, maybe nothing special, but I think the taunt significantly makes up for that (I wont say much about it,
we'll keep it a suprise).

Details: Made the original Imperial worker more dirty and grotty, gave him red boots and one red glove, a nice 
big 'DJ' sign on the back with paint dripping from it, some weird gunge dripping from his mouth, and my
clan tag across the helmet, oh, and a green neck... not sure why... ah well, enjoy, oh, also there are no team
colors which I regret, but maybe I'll release a second edition.

          *Special thanks to the clan which tested out the skin*

   ~This Modification is not Distributed by Lucas Arts or Raven Games~

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