Doom Episode 1

Okay, the title of this map may fool you into thinking this is a single-player map, but it isn't. It is however, based around the first leve...


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Okay, the title of this map may fool you into thinking this is a single-player map, but it isn't. It is however, based around the first level of Doom, apparently. I have played Doom and although it does bear strong resemblance... well that can be both positive and negative, considering Doom came out years ago and graphics have advanced just a little bit since then ;) So, whilst the layout of this level is faithful to the original, unfortunately, so is the retro-style look, right down to misaligned and repeating textures. I realise some of you may enjoy that oldy-feel, but for a JK3 map it just seems very bare and the lighting is quite awful in some places. There is also a lot of lighting with no sources. I did like the green radioactive waste pools, however it looks like they have been lit using a light entity instead of a shader one, which results in uneven lighting of the surface. :(

I enjoyed the music at first too, a heavy-techno style - it seemed fitting of the map, although after a while it does get on your nerves and becomes repetetive. Can I also reccommend you clip your steps, there's plenty of tutorials on the subject, as you can't actually go up them without jumping! However, because of the very low amount of detail, the framerate was always at 90 or above for me, which I guess means you won't be suffering any lag, however to be honest thats one of the few positive things about this map.

Is this a first map for the author? I don't know, but you should keep trying if it is, and if it's supposed to be like this.. well let's just say it isn't my style ;) Botroutes should also have been included with a map as simple to route as this, and unfortunately this will limit playability as I can't see this being on many servers. To conclude, this map is a good flashback to the beginning of 3D videogames, but by JK3 standards, falls short.

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (2.92MB)

Doom Episode 1 Mission 1 Version 1.0 Readme.

Author D'Sparil / ~ToRn~FleSh
E-mail: [email protected]

Installation instructions: Unzip the pk3 to the base folder. that simple!

Thanks to: Id Software, Lucasarts, and me. Without these 3 this map wouldnt exist.

Music Playing: E1M1 - At Doom's Gate.mp3 (yes...THE actual song from the 1st level of Doom!)

Bugs: nothing I can see SO far. maybe a bit dark and small but that's how it is in the actual game.

note: this map aint make or supported by lucas arts n whatnot.
music taken from: Doom Depot: for all your Dooming needs :P

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