Dosha Reborn



animation that you see in the developer made SP missions. Oh there are some great ones out there, but because of the limitations modders have when trying to make an SP story I have never been as interested in SP maps as MP maps. As far as multiplayer maps go, there are some out there that are 300% better than anything even Raven themselves made, because given plenty of time and ingenuity, mappers have been able to come up with all kinds of inventive ways to make maps look better and more detailed.However this short story/map Dosha Reborn has gone a significant way towards changing my view of player made singleplayer maps/stories. Right from the start, there is a custom title scroll and one of the more nondescript intro movies has been put in after it which means it fits very nicely together. It also completely skips the whole 'having to find good voice actors in the community and record lines' issue by simply kit bashing together some of the less specific voice-over files that are already in the game! So, while Kyles lines are perhaps a little more limited than in the developer made SP cutscenes, there is enough non-specific dialogue in the game files to stick them together and get him to say a variety of things!The story itself is summed up by the author:

Kyle is sent to infiltrate a base of a Trandoshan militant group and to call in the New Republic reinforcements if necessary.

As I said above, the cutscenes are excellent and the level design itself is pretty good, it flows nicely, though the architectural details are a little on the simple side. As always, avoid things like totally flat walls or cube like rooms and adding little things like pipes and such help give levels a bit more depth. Though considering this is the authors first map, It is great! Heck with my first map I could just about make four walls!There are a few interactive objects and also a few secret areas that you can discover (I have always loved the sound that plays when you discovered a secret area!). Overall this is a really nice story/map and I would very much like to see more in the future continuing the story! That said, there does need to be some explanation as to why Kyle has once again lost his force powers and only uses guns, I am sure Kyle isnt that lazy! Excellent work here Halfdanr! I especially loved the brilliantly scripted Republic invasion force cutscene at the end, I really hope to see more from you in the future!~Nozyspy~


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