Dragon Remix: EndGame Edition

Mmkay, so sometimes we get these SP mods that just combine a few other mods together along with some skins or different models and voila - y...


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Mmkay, so sometimes we get these SP mods that just combine a few other mods together along with some skins or different models and voila - you have a brand new game. Right? Mmm ... not so much. You have the same single player game, with a new face. Dressed up a bit. Sure, Jan as a reskin of Mara Jade is much easier on the eyes and having unlimited ammo is a plus for some, but overall, there's nothing new here. The author calls it a total conversion, but there's no new story, no new maps - just the appearance of the characters and weapons and other effects have changed.

If you are interested in playing JK2 SP all over again, but you want a twist to it, I do suggest you download a single player mod. Would I suggest this one? I'm not so sure. I did test it and the game did crash. :/ But maybe that won't happen to you. :) There's a lot included with this mod, be sure you look at the readme ... it's all there. That's one thing I have to note. The readme included here is like, the most thorough readme EVER. Oh, I should also mention that this mod is approximately 60MB ... so ... yeah.


Ps. I wrote my review before I realized that this was an update to a previous version. My opinion still hasn't changed. This is just a replacement of characters and effects and not necessarily worth the almost 60MB download - but it still looks great. :)

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Download 'dree.zip' (56.11MB)

Dragon Remix: EndGame Edition

A Jedi Outcast MOD assembled by Covax
Presented by Writer's Block Media

Title			: Dragon Remix: Endgame Edition
Author			: Covax, various others (see Source)
Web Page		: http://www.writersblockmedia.com
Author E-Mail		: [email protected]

File Name		: DREndgameEdition.pk3
File Size		: 60 Mb
Date Released		: 23/09/2003

[And now for a word from our sponsor]

Be on the lookout for the the Star Wars fanfilm The Planet With No Name, where I did the fight choreography and screenplay. Out November 29th! 


The final Evolution of the Dragon Remix MOD, combining the BEST Single-Player mod for Jedi Outcast. If interest is high enough I'll release the updated multiplayer game and weapons add-ons. Now I can get to work on some Jedi Academy mods...

This is a 'total conversion' of the Single Player experience. There are no new maps, although it's a fun mod to use in conjuction with fan-made SP maps.

	- Vanguard and Anatares (aka Kyle and Jan) have sabers and force powers at begining.
	- Most of the skins, weapon models and effects have been changed in some way.
	- You'll see a bunch of cameos from Writer's Block Media and the original Blade Mod crew.
	- Red and Blue sword styles are now Desann's and Tavion's respectively
	- Sparks and smoke replaced by blood. Stumps are dark red rather than yellow.
	- Better acrobatics: Cartwheel and Butterfly Kick relaces the rolls.
	- Cooler pistol-firing animation (in my oppinon)
	- Jump: 'Force Jump' style and 'Force Getup'.
	- Dismemberment is now fully enabled. This also has the effect of making the swords very lethal.
	- Every one of the weapons leaves the cool glowing mark that the disruptor usually leaves.
	- Force Lightning replaced with a Fire effect.


	Unpack in your /GameData/ folder. A DragonRemix folder should be created. Either use the attached .BAT file or 		activate under Options->Mods in the starup screen.  

[Weapons and Effects]

		'Mach Pistol' by Magnetixxx
		'Colt Pistol' - by Lord Hatrus, replaces Imperial Pistol
		'AK-47' by Lord Hatrus, replaces Blaster Rifle
		'SPAS-12 Shotgun' by Lord Hatrus and Master Cheif replaces G.A. Flechette Weapon
		'SIG Sniper Rifle' by Master Cheif, replaces Disruptor Rifle
		'M-16' by Master Cheif, replaces Imperial Repeater
		'Bullets' and 'Arrows' based off of 'Shuriken Set 1.5' by Laghima
		'Flamethrower Effects' (for Demp2) by Covax and David B

	Melle Weapons and Saber Energy Blades::
		'Bokken' based off 'Katana MOD v1.1' by Ages120, reskin by Covax
		'Daywalker Sword' by Magnetixxx, shader by Leper Messiah
		'Shadow Sword' by Sephiroth__VII, reskin by Covax
		'Zatoichi' by Laghima
		'Progressive Blade' by Covax
		'Samurai 3000 Hilt' by Chrono
 		'Burning Saber' by Wendel Crow
		'Samurai Lightsaber' by 66sith
		'Valsabers' by Val(?)
		Character sounds come with repective models
		Gun Sounds by Psycho Mantis and Magnetixxx
		'Katana' by Ages120
		'Buster Sword' by Nick D
		'Tusken Raider' by Major Clod

[Good Guys]

	Vanguard	- Kyle Katarn
			- Original Skin by Graves, tweeked by Covax

	Anatares (v2)	- Jan Ors
			- Original Model by Edward Peretti, reskin by Leper Messiah

	Covax		- Luke Skywalker
			- Original Skin by Renix reskin by Covax

	Whistler	- Jedi Trainer
			- Original Skin by Leper Messiah

	Blackwolf	- Jedi
			- Original model by SithlordII and skin CyberX, tweeked by Covax

	Dax Strife	- Jedi2
			- Original Skin by Sanj, reskin by Covax

	DR Kyle (v2)	- Morgan Katarn
			- Original by Mr.Sinister, reskin by Covax

[New Republic]

	Shaft!		- Lando Calrissian
			- Skin and model by by Mehab4

	Nyles (v2)	- Rebel
			- Original model by Infinity Blade, tweeked by Covax

	Allery		- Rebel2
			- Original model by Edward Peretti, reskin by Leper Messiah and Covax

	Born 2 ReSpawn	- Bespin Cop
			- Original model by Major Clod, reskin by Leper Messiah

	Warrick (v2)	- Bespin Cop2
			- Original skin by Lee Wright, tweeked by Covax

	Lee Wright	- Prisoner
			- Skin by Lee Wright

	Shadow Blight(v2)- Prisoner2	
			- Skin by Shadow Blight


	The 4th Man	- Admiral Galak Fayar
			- Skin by Covax
	RX-178 Suit	- Galack Mech 
			- Original Model by Gemini, reskin by Covax

	Mechs		- Mark 1&2 Attack Droids 
			- Original conversion by Chairwalker

	Rx-93 Mech	- Probe Driods
			- Original Model by Ravenxg, skin tweek by Covax

	David Saul	- Imperial Comander
			- Suit by Kingpin, head by Jimmy Iu

	Agent		- Imperial
			- Original skin by Kingpin
	Black Ops	- Strormtrooper and Storm Trooper Officer
			- Reskin by Covax

	Flame Trooper	- Swamp Trooper and Rocket trooper
			- Original Skin by Leper Messiah
	Dante		- Imperial Pilot
			- Original skin by Mike Cantwell

	Vampire Officer	- Storm Trooper Officer (alt) and Storm Trooper Commander
			- Original Model by Madjai, reskin by Leper Messiah, tweaked by Covax

[Dark Jedi]

	General Kingu	- Lord Desann
			- Skin by Shadow Blight, tweeked by Covax

	Andraste Mordon - Tavion
			- Skin by Shadow Blight, tweeked by Covax

	Nergal		- 
			- Original Skin by Leper Messiah

	Male Sebetti	- Shadowtrooper
			- Original Skin by Leper Messiah

	Female Sebetti	- Shadowtrooper2
			- Original Skin by Leper Messiah, tweekd by Shadow Blight

	Seth		- Reborn Boss
			- Assembled by Covax

	UVX		- Reborn Acrobat
			- Assembled by Covax
	Shadow Blight(v1)- Reborn Force User
			- Skin by Shadow Blight

	Lord Rive	- Reborn Fencer
			- Original Skin by Jepman
	Bouncer		- Reborn
			- Original Model by Madjai, reskin by Leper Messiah, tweaked by Covax

	Katalist	- Reelo Baruk 
			- Original Skin by Kazzz, tweeked by Covax

	Snowman		- Rodian
			- Original Skin by Leper Messiah

	Merrk Dengar	- Rodian2
			- Original Skin by Kazzz

	Kazz		- Weequay 
			- Original Skin by Kazzz

	Rasat Vamp	- Weequay2
			- Original Skin by Magnetixxx, tweeked by Covax and Leper Messiah

	Stern		- Trandoshan
			- Original Skin by Kazzz
	Rawg 		- Gran
			- Original Skin by Kazzz
	Zombie		- Gran Boxer
			- Skin by Lee Wright

	Thresh		- Chiss Bartender
			- Based on skins by Kelvis, tweeked by Covax

			- Original Skin by Leper Messiah

	Spiders		- Mine Monsters
			- Original model by Keto

[Mics Source Material]

	Misc Skins credits, for 'peices used':

	'KISS Army Skinpack #1' 
	'Dragon Skins' by Paul Murrell
	'Lord Katarn' by Jepman
	'Black Kyle' by Mr.Sinister
	'Grendel' by Blair Tarleton & Everette Hebert
	'Darth Seth' by Darth Amote
	'Darth Vania' by MiniBattleDroid 
	'Mara Jade' by Mystery Knight
	'Sold Snake' by Evil Gonzo
	'World War 2 Solider' by JEDI_salvation
	'Shaft' by Mehab4
	'Count Dooku' by Steve Atkinson (?)
	'President Scroob' by Yar Cydoh
	'Kyle to Jango Partial Armor' by Lightsaber6458
	'Zehn' by ??
	'Xander' by ??

This MOD is a compilation of several other MODs, those being edited/altered versions of:

	'Jedi Master Mod' by Osiris
	'JediMoves Basic' by Master D-Ley Amas
	'Han Shooting Animation' by tFighterPilot
	'Ultimate Blood' by StrWrsXprt and Desann
	'Hyper Weapons Mod' by WeedWhacker
	'Weapon Alterations' by Joruus C B'oath the 2nd
	'Flamethrower beta v.1' by Dark Reaper
	'DS-Reticles2' by Dreamstation


	1	- Like other models modification this MOD will NOT work correctly with saved games - the weapons will be 		bound to the wrong bone. It works fine if you start up a map through the console, or start the game from the 		beginning.

	2	- I have NO idea how this mod will effect other MODS. It works fine with other Single Player levels that have 		no conflicting skin/model changes. By default remove/rename the NPCs.cfg file in one of the mods and 			everything should work fine.

	3	- There may be a problem in the Besbin Streets level. The 3rd Reborn encounter, by the landing platform, 		dosen't seem to work. You may have to NOLCIP your way though the door to continue.

[Legal Disclamer]

	1	- Knowing me I probably forgot someone. If you see elemets of you own work in this MOD that has nto been 		cretited let me know ASAP and I'll provide due credit. 

	2	- In no way am I suggesting that I sigularly created any of the skins or models. I don't plan to take credit 		for this MOD, rather I just want to push for more SP MODs.

	3	- Fell free to use any aspect of this MOD, but know full well that it's based on other people's work. Contact 		me for credit questions.


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