Duel - Mega City

This map is based on the events near the end of The Matrix: Revolutions. Personally I've only seen that film once because... well that's not...


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This map is based on the events near the end of The Matrix: Revolutions. Personally I've only seen that film once because... well that's not important. There's a reason I never got into America's Army, though -- 90% of the game is waiting (unless you're talented which, let's face it, I'm not). This map reminded me why I had never played AA, although for very different reasons.

The basic idea of this map is you have a very simply urban layout, and you 'fly' through the map during the course of the duel. I won't go into the technical aspects of that (read the read-me if you'd like to know). The problem with this set up is, unless you have Force lightning or something, you can only duel for tiny periods before being 'torn apart' and having to wait until the map brings you closer together (again, read the read-me if you're confused about what I'm saying).

Anyway, this map is better for Matrix fans than it is for JO fans. The gameplay will likely be highly annoying for any who aren't fans wanting to recreate the epic duel between Neo and Agent Smith. However for those that would like to do this, I recommend following the author's advice in the read-me.

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Download 'duel_megacity.zip' (11.25MB)

Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
TITLE: Duel - Mega City
GAME: JKII (Jedi Outcast)

FILENAME: duel_megacity.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 23 April 2007

CREDITS: Me (For creating this map), Thrawn (For the textures from his Mega City, that can be found here: www.lucasfiles.com), Wachowski brothers (for idea) and the artist who made the soundtrack.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract "duel_megacity.pk3" into your "Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\Gamedata\base" folder.

DESCRIPTION: Seen Matrix Revolutions? Yes? Do you remember how Smith and Neo had an Aerial Battle? No you can play it (Don't play with bots, they are annoying). Just fly and beat your foe. For those who haven't seen the movie: Until you download this you should see the movie first, to know what was I trying to create.

HOW TO MAKE A MAP LIKE THIS: For mappers it will be easy. You read the "COMMENTS" section and make the map. For more info: First off make the enviroment and place origin brush there. Save it. Make 2 players (locked in blockplayer boxes) and make origin brush again (the boxes will be trains that move, so players can fight). IMPORT enviroment and make it a train entity. Make path_corners to make the illusion of move (remember when placing the path_corners left means right, right means left, up means down and down means up...So, you place path_corner right and the player move left and you know the rest). If it's a night map, don't bother with lights, just make a fog. The one i used is fog_black.

BUGS: If you play it as FFA (Or any other, that isn't Duel) you can fall off. That's right. Not down there, but to the spectator area (I didn't wanted to make the spectator fly where he wants)
The spectator area is a small box (invisible box) where he can fly. Note: This bug can't happen in duel.

COMMENTS: I like how I made the illusion that you are moving. Do you know the train map for JA? It uses moving textures right? You think I did the same? No! the illusion is that the players are locked in a box (invisible one again) and there is a "center" for both of them. The "center" is where they meet. They can fight for 3 seconds then they fly out of them selfs. They stay away from each other for 5 seconds and meet again (this is repeating all the time). As for the illusion of flying around I made that the megacity is moving and it looks like you are moving.
Get Agent Smith and Neo model (If you don't have) play with a friend and 'Let's rock!'.


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