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Moooa brings us another Mon Calamari model entitled Eerin Bant. Eerin Bant is based on an expanded universe character. There are three defau...


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Moooa brings us another Mon Calamari model entitled Eerin Bant. Eerin Bant is based on an expanded universe character. There are three default skins, Eerin Bant has team support Oddev and Darth Loki does not. Darth Loki is a pretty good Sith looking Mon Calamari with tattoos on his face while being dressed in black. All three of the defaults have the option to be robbed or unrobed giving these skins some variety.

This model had me a little confused because of the three default skins, the Sith skin is the red team skin and the blue team skin has the blue head. I wasn’t sure if this was an accident and it was supposed to be one model with team support. Any way I like Darth Loki skin the best out of the three, nothing against the other skin. I just like Darkside and Sith like skins. Great work, keep on modeling.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Bant Eerin (Jedi Mon Calamari)
Model Name:		 &quot;Eerin_Bant_Jedi_Mon_Calamari&quot;

Model: 			Moooa
Skins:  		Moooa, for Oddev skin based on an original idea from Bradfu

Sounds:			Hèkx Nòxú & moooa

Botfiles		Moooa

Special Thanks:		Everybody who supported me on			
			Specially Bradfu, Neomarz, Hèkx Nòxú, Cybernetix, Adillon & Hellfire Jedi for there help
			Darth Loki to give me his permission to use his nickname
Concept:                Based on Eerin Bant : a mon calamari jedi of the extended universe


Bant Eerin (taken from : She was a Mon Calamari Jedi Knight during the time that Obi-Wan Kenobi studied there as well, and the two were very good friends. Bant was known for he silver eyes which stood out against her skin and distinguished her; they were a feature that all easily recognized and remembered about her. Bant was studying at the Jedi Temple during a great time of excitement. She was there when Obi-Wan and his Master, Qui-Gon Jinn traveled to Melida/Daan to help mediate a struggle between a group calling themselves The Young, who were struggling against their elders. There, Obi-Wan felt that this was a cause he felt was worth fighting for, and despite Qui-Gon's warnings, forsook his Jedi oath to help with the struggle. Bant blamed Qui-Gon for letting Obi-Wan do this, but regardless of her anger with him, she assisted him when the Dark Jedi Xanatos infiltrated the Jedi Temple and items were stolen from the Temple. Qui-Gon and and Jedi Master Tahl suspected that the stolen items were hidden at the bottom of the lake in the Garden of the Temple, and they asked Bant to assist them in locating the items. Bant dived into the lake, however, she was almost killed by Xanatos and his accomplice, Bruck Chun, a student at the Temple. Almost dying at the bottom of the lake, Bant was saved by Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had returned from Melida/Daan and had been accepted back into the Jedi Order. The incident with Xanatos was finally resolved, however, it also resulted in the death of Bruck Chun. The Chun family blamed the Jedi for their son's death, and attempted to sabotage the Jedi starfighter training facility on Centax 2. Jedi Master Tahl had investigated these sabotage missions and finally discovered that it was the Chun family behind it. After this investigation, Tahl returned to Coruscant and took Bant as her Padawan.

However, Tahl often left Bant behind on what she considered more dangerous missions than Bant could handle. This rejection left Bant angered and with the feeling that Tahl did not have confidence in her or her abilities. Bant often confided in Obi-Wan, her friend, these feelings she was having. However, on one such mission to New Apsolon resulted in the death of Master Tahl, which devastated Bant. Obi-Wan Kenobi was on New Apsolon with Tahl, as well as Obi-Wan's Master, Qui-Gon. Because of this, Bant blamed Obi-Wan for not being able to save Tahl, and refused to speak with him while the loss was still fresh with her. Later, Bant traveled to New Apsolon with Obi-Wan and Jedi Master Mace Windu to investigate Tahl's death. While there, Mace Windu gave Bant and Obi-Wan a mission to locate a citizen there that might have been involved in the recent, tragic events. It was on this mission that Bant finally acknowledged Obi-Wan once more, a sign that she was beginning to accept and deal with her loss. While on this assignment, Bant and Obi-Wan discovered the dad body of the woman Pleni, a woman with aspirations for planetary governor. It was these aspirations, the Jedi believed, that led her to commit the crimes she did which ultimately led to the death of Jedi Master Tahl. Bant and the Jedi later discovered that Pleni was killed by a probe droid, but more disturbingly, that the droid could be traced back to Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, who was also deeply devastated by the loss of Tahl, whom he loved deeply and was plagued by a call to vengeance. Like most Jedi at some point in their career, Bant was forced to face and deal with a devastating loss. However, she overcame the unfortunate turn of events to go on and become an important member of the Jedi Knights.

and i see on that bant was the padawan of kit fisto.

Oddev : Oddev is a young mon calamari jedi. He has been discovered by Cilghal and presents some good capacities in healing.

Darth Loki : Darth Loki is a sith mon calamari.


Here is the second mon calamari pack, with the &quot;male&quot; jedi. When I begin the model, i think that bant was a male and so i begin modelling &quot;her&quot; with some ref pics of anakin. When I have finished the model somebody send me the description of bant and i see that she was a female. But if you see at Bultar Swan, she has too  some &quot;male&quot; clothes so I decided to keep her like this.
Thanks to Hèkx Nòxú for the sounds
Thanks to Bradfu for the original idea of oddev and to give the agreements to continue his work.


This model, it's geometry, and textures are not to be modified, repackaged, or redistributed without the express permision of the creators.  IF allowed, this readme.txt file MUST be included.


Place this pk3 file from this zip archive into the JKII/gamedata/base/ directory

Character change instruction :

You can change player under the player menu or if you want to assign a key to change your player :

pop up console and write the following:

Bant eerin robe non-hooded : 	Bind &quot;key&quot; model eerin_bant_robe/default
Bant eerin robe hooded :     	Bind &quot;key&quot; model eerin_bant_robe/hooded
Bant eerin default : 		Bind &quot;key&quot; model eerin_bant/default
Oddev robe non-hooded : 	Bind &quot;key&quot; model oddev_robe/default
Oddev hooded :     		Bind &quot;key&quot; model oddev_robe/hooded
Oddev eerin default : 		Bind &quot;key&quot; model oddev/default
Darth Loki robe non-hooded : 	Bind &quot;key&quot; model darth_loki_robe/non-hooded
Darth Loki robe hooded :     	Bind &quot;key&quot; model darth_loki_robe/default
Darth Loki default : 		Bind &quot;key&quot; model darth_loki/default

*Information *

Polycount:    Default  3045 / 2086 / 898		
	      Robe hooded  3275 / 2252 / 954
	      Robe non-hoohed 3244 / 2263 / 939
CTF           Yes
bots          Yes
Custom sounds Yes

LOD support - YES

* Copyright / Permissions *
This model, and the textures that came with it are not to be modified
in any way without the permision of it's creators.
The character Bant Eerin and species mon calamari is copyright Lucas Arts.
Certain Sound files within are the copyright of Lucas Arts. 

© 2002 LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. 
© 2002 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or ® as indicated.
All rights reserved. Used under authorization.
LucasArts and the LucasArts logo are trademarks
of Lucasfilm Ltd.
© Raven Software LTD 2002, Activision

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