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Very cool lightsaber by Tim. Check it out!


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Very cool lightsaber by Tim. Check it out!

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|			EFP*Lightsaber Modification for JK2 By EFP*Tim[CE]		   |

Name: EFP*Lightsaber Mod.
Date Compiled: 11/17/2002
General PK3 file Size: Approx 1.2MB
Programs Used: A pice of paper and a pencil, Adobe Photoshop 6.0, Kinetix 3D Studio MAX R3,
	       MilkShape 3D 1.5.2, Notepad, Shader Editor 2, MD3View 2, Amazing Slow Downer,
	       iTunes 2
Features Modified: 
- The Lightsaber model that the player model holds has been replaced by an all new version
- Saber Color Choose Menu has had pictures modifed
- Saber Weapon Icon in Heads-up Display displays the New Saber icon
- New Lightsaber sounds played when extending/retracting (The original sound played higher)
Shaders: Scrolling lines up along a section of the main body, Saber has an overall metallic
reflection all over it.
Time taken to make: Approx 2 or so weeks

General Information:

This is the first JK2 modification I have made.  It is also the first time I have tried
skinning a model in Photoshop from scratch that WAS NOT just a large pile of gradient
For my first time try at something like this, I think it went quite well.
This mod will just simply modify the Saber and most of it's aspects to an EFP* version of 
it. Nothing else has been changed, so it is possible to use this mod in servers that are not

Originally I was intending to create a simple different colored blade that would alternate
colors constantly, however I found that it was not technically possible to do it the way
I wanted it do in JK2.

So instead, I tried my hand again at a bit of 3D modeling and I made this saber.  And I 
think that this thing is much better than a simple blade!

So, I hope you enjoy the EFP*LightSaber Mod!



Installation Instructions:

Mac and PC:

Simply drag the 'efplightsaber.pk3' into the 'base' folder in your JK2 directory.
Start Playing JK2 and check out your new saber. :)

*WARNING: Don't rename the file names as it may stop working*

*NOTE: This mod will not work in the demo version of JK2*

About the EFP*:

The Elite Force Posse was originally founded in 2001 by a group of friends, around the game
"Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force". Since then, the clan's member number has increased 
immensely, as well as it has now also expanded into the JK2 world where they have matches
there too.

To visit the EFP* website, got to 'http://www.efp1.net'

Author Contact Details:

Online Name: Tim
E-Mail: timothyoliver@bigpond.com
ICQ#: 24965853
MSN: timothyoliver@hotmail.com
AIM: DeltaJed
Yahoo: timo22406

Special Thanks To:

EFP*|ZaNaG| - For keeping me on my toes when making this thing. ;) And for beta testing it.

EFP*MagLauncher - For beta testing it.

Thanks Guys!! :D
Copyright Details:

All of the contents of this pak have either been modiifed or made completely from scratch
by me. 
If you want to use any of the files from it in some of your work, please ask me first, so
I know that someone likes my work enough to want to use it. :)

I accept no no responsibility for any mishaps that may occur from the use of this file.

I have given this file a thorough look over, and I have found no bugs.  If you do find 
any bugs, by all means, e-mail me about it. :)

Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast is copyright of LucasArts, Activision and RavenSoft,

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