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Keeping in mind that this is the beta version of the mod, I'll go easy on the author, but I do have a few things to point out and a few que...


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Keeping in mind that this is the beta version of the mod, I'll go easy on the author, but I do have a few things to point out and a few questions about little things here and there. According to the readme, the disruptor itself has changed to a camo green. I didn't notice a change at all. Maybe it was just really subtle. In any case, I didn't take a screenshot of it because I didn't see any change at all. I also tested the mod before reading the readme.

The scope is like, a bright lime green, and that's fine, if you like that. Actually, I kinda like it. But the little dot in the middle ... what would you call that? Like the center of the reticle or something? Well, the dot isn't exactly a perfect circle. But now I wonder if it's a perfect circle in the original. *shrug* First time I've noticed something like that. And wow, that's a really small detail. But it bugs me. LOL Anyway ... the sounds are fine, but I don't like them for this gun. The original sounds work great for this weapon, in my opinion. But try it out and give the author some feedback. Remember, this is a beta. :)


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Download 'elite_disruptor_beta.zip' (956KB)

Elite Disruptor Beta read-me:

This Jk2 add-on will simply change the disruptor to a camo green it also adds a lot of new sounds.  Also the scope is now more like night vision.  I did add new firing rates and stuff like that but it's a little buggy and doesn't always work, but remember this is only the Beta version.  I made it so that I could receive feedback and tips.  I am already beginning construction of the official release but I felt that I just had to give away this version because of the sweet sounds.  (I don't know about you but they really improved certain levels like Nar-shadaa and overall, improved the game.  Please send me Ideas for improvement and if you would like to test my more recent E-11 change go ahead and ask!  Send comments etc. to 

[email protected]

To install:

Drag the pk3 titled "Elite Disruptor Beta" to your "Base" folder located within the "Jedi knight 2" folder.  Then just start up jk2 and the mod starts right away!


Do not copy my work without contacting me first!  I will give away permission to those who bother to ask!  Contact me at the address listed above.

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