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This is version 2 of the popular Enhanced Sabers mod by Darcious. He has changed many animations, made saber-color fully customizable, adde...


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File Description

This is version 2 of the popular Enhanced Sabers mod by Darcious. He has changed many animations, made saber-color fully customizable, added hilts, and changed special moves.

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Title			: Enhanced Sabers 2
Author			: Darcious
E-Mail			: dave@tflnet.com
Website			: N/A

File Name		: es2.zip
File Size		: 1.22MB
Date Released		: 9/02/02

Description		: Enhanced Sabers was made to make multiplayer saber fighting more balanced and fun.  Months of testing has been done to make sure sabers is as balanced as possible and that no one attack is more effective than the others.  Custom saber hilts and blade colors have been also added.  The list of features is listed below.

Comments		: This is not another JediMod add-on or fix, all of my work has been done from scratch although i did use some JediMod code as a reference.

Additional Credits to   : BOFH and Dest Chris for the hilt code, Tchouky for a reference on saber colors.

Thanks to               : RGF clan for testing and feedback. http://www.darkjedi.org/club/RGF/

Install: Place the EnhancedSabers_2 folder in your Gamedata folder

ex: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\EnhancedSabers_2\

- Saber Fighting is greatly enhanced for better balanced fights to allow many strategies of attack and defence.
- 2 Special moves changed for balance and varity.
       - Back Swing was changed to a back flip attack good for getting out of groups and dealing a good bit of damage.
       - Yellow Stance Jump Forward Downward Hack move was changed to an airial spin with downward attack as a good close combat finisher.
- Completly custom saber colors, select any color for your sabers glow AND CORE!. (With some code from Tchouky)
- Even Black! (By ME)
- Customs Hilts (Thanks to BOFH and Dest)
- Jedi Moves Mod by D-Lay Amas for a nice change from rolling on the ground and old saber swings.
- Red Jump Forward Downward Attack move changed to knock you over if you are stopped by an object in mid air. (To stop the excessive use of the move)
- Your saber is cut off when you are knocked down or fall over.
- Wall Run and Jump is now avalible without force jump and the power of the wall jump was increased to make it useful.
- Swift Kick code has been changed to add alittle skill to the move.
      - The enemy will fall when kicked during a special move or in the air.
      - The kicker will fall when the enemy is standing still, against a wall or other player.
      - If none of these conditions are meet no one will fall and will be just pushed back in the normal fashion
      - No damage is given.
- Lunge can now be done in the air as it originally was to make it more useful.
- Easy access to single and double blade by menu selection.
- Single and Double bladed sabers have been balanced.
      - Single blade does more damage but has less blocking ability
      - Double blade does less damage (and each blade only does half that damage) but blocks easier.
- All saber damage has been changed to balance the moves to allow many different strategies of attack and defence.
- Team Saber color is not forced anymore.
- Multiply duels at one time are now allowed.
- Bots will accept duels if your saber is holstered.
- New Menu look so you will know that the mod is on.
- And a few small things i thought were annoying.


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