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Now, I love to watch a good duel. If that duel carries on for more than five minutes, I've probably moved on to something else. The beginni...


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Now, I love to watch a good duel. If that duel carries on for more than five minutes, I've probably moved on to something else. The beginning of Eternal is entertaining to watch. The music chosen fit perfectly. It was frenzied when it needed to be, and appropriately silent at just the right moments. But this went on for over six minutes. And there are only so many saber locks I can take. Plus, where'd the second saber come from for that one guy? He just ... suddenly had a perfectly matching purple saber. Anyway, download it if you're bored. It's somewhat entertaining anyway. :)


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Eternal and Eternal 2: Last Hope. They are both dueling full on production films in JO and JA.(The first is in JO, the second in JA).

Author: DarthMauler

As we know him, "The Eternal Dark Lord," was once a Jedi. Not just any Jedi, quite high up in ranks, a member of the council to be exact. He, however, broke off with his own ideas and with ways still unknown to anyone, he became Eternal. This power has allowed him to fulfill plans that have disrupted peace. Since no one witnessed what he did when he went away, no one knows how to stop whatever power gives him the power of eternity. 

In an effort to stop him, the council sent Obiwan Kenobi as the first guinea pig in defeating him and his power. This is where the first film begins as Obiwan defeats him in the core of his realm. This, however, was not the true way to defeat his Eternal power as we see him still alive at the end of the film.

The council tries several more times in between the first and second film, but fail and begin to lose several men. They have no choice but to partner with the Sith and see if their force powers can defeat him. The Eternal Dark Lord had threatened not only the Light Side, but the Dark as well. He wanted to rule all, no leaders, no partners, simply him. 

The council approved to send Count Dooku(once a Jedi), a Sith, to destroy the Eternal Lord. His attempts also fail, except this time something much different happens...after being thrown from high above and dying, Dooku rises. The Eternal Lord had gained power from his temple where the statue of an unknown God stands and given it to Dooku. The Eternal Lord had changed his plans...he wanted an apprentice. Two men with the power of eternity, one a master, one an apprentice. What destruction would come now? What hope is there for the world not blessed with eternity? The final chapter will show us just what is in store for the galaxy...

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