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Clan skins are often the hardest for me to review. When a skin is made for a specific person and has their name on it, or a clan tag, I can\...


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Clan skins are often the hardest for me to review. When a skin is made for a specific person and has their name on it, or a clan tag, I can't review the skin and imagine myself using it. Y'know what I mean? This is one of those skins.

ReDWasK made this skin for a clanmate, by the name of Failed Munchkin. This Jan reskin seems to be a patchwork quilt kinda skin. The author plucked a few pieces from a few different skins and added his own few touches. The default skin has a bit of Plasma's work on the lower half and I'm not sure about the top half. It looks like Jan is wearing a choker of some kind. The team skins are ... interesting. The red version is, well, horrid. It looks like the author was trying to go for a very open, bare-chested cleavage look here and it just looks like half of her shirt is flesh coloured. :/ She does have some interesting markings on her forehead. And if you take a look at the back of the red skin on the other screenshot, you'll see Jan has a lace-up back. And ... JOTR printed across her butt. Yup. And onto the blue skin. Between the three skins here, I'm sorry to say the blue is my favorite. It's the most plain, but the least ... um, something. The back also has the JOTR across the butt (hate that) and then coming completely out of nowhere, the author pays homage to Playboy with a little black bunny on the back.

There are some interesting death sounds included with this skin and an appropriate taunt (munchkins singing and welcoming you to munckin land... hehe). The author completed this skin by adding bot support too. Honestly, though, I don't like this skin at all. The only reason I see anyone downloading this is if they're in JOTR or play with the 1.02 JK2 clan.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Download '' (2.42MB)

File         : FailedMunchkin
Author       : ReDWasK
Bot          : yep
Team Support : yep
New Sounds   : of course

Description:  The long overdue skin for fellow JotR member
Failed Munchkin.  I should point out quickly, that being a 1.02
based clan, I wasn't able to remove the vest or accessories 
without running into major problems (as opposed to the numreous
Jan skins out there that can do so, namely because they're based
in 1.04).  I don't see any reason why someone other than Munchkin
can't use it, so enjoy.  Also, as is my understanding, you can
use JK2 skins/models in JKA, so have fun.

Props: The author of nude_jan, i borrowed the skin/arm textures
from that, and the other of the Jan roses series, from which 
I borrowed a thong

How to:  Stick this badboy in your base folder.

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