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Words almost failed me when I finished exploring this map. But I have a whole bunch of 'em now. :) I should probably mention first of all t...


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Words almost failed me when I finished exploring this map. But I have a whole bunch of 'em now. :) I should probably mention first of all that this is Downdead's first map - EVER. Keep that in mind when looking at the screens or playing the map.

This map is freakin' HUGE! For a first-time mapper, I'd say he bit off a bit more than he could chew. I can't say I've ever gotten tired while looking at a map. It took me 20 minutes to see everything. Unfortunately, none of it was worth seeing. :/

One teleporter next to a big platform will take you to something like, a house for giants. A large bouncy chair can be found in one room with an enormous TV standing across from it. Fans quietly spin above. Head into the next room and you'll find the biggest bed ever (also bouncy). Quickly find your way out of this area and back to the main part of the map. By the way, want a weapon? They're all in one place behind a building. Weapon placement seemed to be very much an afterthought here. The building that hides the weapons from plain sight seems to serve no purpose whatsoever. It's just a building with a lot of walls and three different textures throughout. When you do find your way to the center of the map, you'll find that it's a large blue arena with something off to the side with some ... things ... sticking out it. Those "things" are little transporters that will take you to all kinds of places, including an infuriating maze with a very disappointing payoff at the end, a large room with boxes and houses (missing textures) and a very bright purple thing. You'll probably be enticed by the stepping stones up the wall ... but don't be fooled ... get to the top and be rewarded with a swift death. One room almost has a different texture for each surface. None of these rooms really have anything in them. One does have several tables and chairs, like a dining area. But nothing is to scale. Another room has simply two staircases that lead up to an invisible platform, I guess. And finally, the biggest room of them all - a tournament room.

I'm sorry, but there is nothing about this map I enjoyed. Usually, if you climb your way up a large wall of platforms, you're rewarded with something else other than death at the top. When you go through a maze like the one in this map, you expect to find something at least interesting at the end. Instead, you come to two large boxes in the middle of a huge room. That's it. There's nothing else. I was so frustrated with this map it made me want to scream! I won't even go into the z-fighting and other errors. My only advice to you, Downdead, is to not stop mapping. You put a lot of time into this map. I mean, the sheer size alone tells us that. Though maybe on your next map, you should concentrate on making a smaller one. Maybe start with a duel map? Experiment with lighting and skyboxes and maybe even make your own textures! If you were to spend as much time on a 2nd, smaller, more detailed map as you apparently did on this one, you could produce something really great, I think. :) Good luck to you!

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Downdead (michael)    c4udown@yahoo.com  msn: mikekelr@hotmail.com

 well this is my first map i have ever made and i guess i can only think the testers so if this 
map is sort of wacko its cuase its the first i have ever made :D

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